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    Because these are his new boots:

    32 must be paying him handsomely to revert back to your average resort boot. I’m sure he’ll paint his Fitwells black whenever he has to do something heavy 😉 .
    Not saying they couldn’t be good resort boots, but cmon, no crampon compatibility?!

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    Maybe it is the other Jeremy Jones and is a great freestyle boot?


    I had the same thought. Was stoked when I saw that he was releasing a boot, then saw the lack of crampon capability, and was bummed. Did some more goggling and it looks like this was just the launching off point to a larger backcountry and splitboard specific line. Good boots are definitely lacking.

    From thirty-two:

    “We’ll be building him a full line of products focused on backcountry and split boarding in 2015. Times are changing, get ready for what’s next,” said Brian Cook, ThirtyTwo global brand director.

    Fingers crossed this is just a starting point, and there will be some sick innovation to come later down the line, but for now definitely looks like a high end resort boot, which is a bummer.

    Side note, it is pretty cool that it is raising funds for Protect Our Winters. Good stuff.

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    Hmmm, those are definitely missing the all important zebra steeze factor!

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    I watched an interview with him about the new 32 partnership. They just slapped his name on a current 32 boot first this first year. That’s pretty lame and makes JJ look a bit like a sell out. Hopefully they put out something worthy next year.

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    Unfortunately that’s the reality of marketing and a production timeline. They’re paying him real money right now, they want a return on that immediately so they’ve put his name on an existing boot because that really doesn’t take any additional development. At they same time hopefully they’ll start ramping up on development of a boot that is actually worth considering.

    Knowing how product development goes in another industry something complicated and greatly different than their current product could have a multi-year lead time. Tooling is expensive.

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    I would not expect to see anything very innovative from a glorified sneaker company like 32, they do not have the background to produce something really cool.

    Come on folks, it is all about the money here, I am sure JJ’s contract with 32 is quite nice for him and his family, and he probably has a clause where he can use Fitwells, or whatever, when the conditions demand a different boot.

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    I want to start some shit here but I don’t have any inspiration. I think its a good time to talk shit about JJ again. The last flame got cancelled by “the man” so here we go:
    Jeremy Jones wants mandatory gay marriage.

    PS I’m the biggest fanboy of JJ

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    I don’t think all gays would like to get married? :thumbsdown:

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    You misunderstand me. He doesn’t want to just force all the gay people to get married. He wants all the strait people to get gay married too.

    As for me I’m going for a guy with a really small cock who cums really quick.

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