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    Hi all,

    I will be flying to Niseko Feb 23rd to March 10. 🙂

    Now for really deep blower POW what does everyone here recommend?

    Stick with the split (160 Hovercraft), add modified Snowshoes? I have already modded my TSL snowshoes, to accept my Spark bindings, solid pucks for the Jones Mind Expander are also present.

    Depending on total weight I will bring:

    Jones Hovercraft with Spark Burner setup
    Jones Mind expander with Cartels or only solid pucks
    Modded Snowshoes OR Modded Verts with touring brackets, the pair of verts are only 100g lighter.

    What do you guys think? I am afraid the ascen t with the split in the really soft stuff might suck or just not work.

    Thanks, Tony


    In really deep wallowy pow, climbing 50 steps in average terrain in any kind of snowshoe will give you the answer. A split floats and breaks trail the easiest in truly deep unconsolidated snow. I would say take it from someone from Utah, but this year . . .

    The only reason I would bring shoes or verts is if you might link up with local riders that don’t have splits and you are doing quick laps with them.

    Also, If you run the standard new strap for Verts, they are lighter and better in my opinion because you don’t have to put your binding on them. That’s a quick pound and a half off each foot.


    I went to Japan last year at this time of year. It wasn’t epic Japan deep, but it was deep. Some days we had over 2′ of snow, and we broke trail most of the time (well really @donhatch aka Donzilla did so its not fair since we brought a ringer, but I did break some). My group was laughing when we were doing 4-6 laps with splitboards and the people with snowshoes getting 1-2 at best. Even 1K vert laps where maybe you could say the transition would kill our time, it was still way faster. We averaged 5K days for 10 days, and I would highly doubt that would have been possible on snowshoes. Once a skinner is it, its a whole lot easier to use, unless you have to re break it since it dumps so much (which we did). I think the Japanese started to see the light as well. It is no debate how much more efficient split boarding is. We even rode our splits at the resort a couple days, and it was just fine.


    Just to give you an update of my trip.

    First off JAPOW is amazing!!

    I might have been a little late in the season, but it was all worth it. For any climbs for 1h or longer the split definitely still rules. BUT on one day all the upper lifts were closed due to wind, so what did we do? we just went into the woods basically around the corner of our Hostel / Lodge and decided to go with our modified snowshoes (touring brackets) and solid pucks on the solid boards.

    What can I say, AWESOME!! Each climb was about 250m vertical as soon as we hit the first bigger ledge, the wind was wicked!

    That day was epic, we did 4 climbs, so a total of 1k meters vertical. For that situation I was happy not to be dealing with skins, and god fobid I still use the pin based Burners 😉 !!

    I’ll try to post pics of the snowshoes in the mod section.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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