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    …..but first, a little bit of December.

    I found my camera in Washington the last day before departure. These are from Stevens.

    snoslut and jimjar skinning

    Scoping an acid drop – nope, won’t go

    Cruising out of a chute

    And back to January….

    p420 on Teton Pass

    p420 with the super back-seat wheelie while wysplit barrels towards him. Matt looks on.


    Serenity on the top of Edelweiss



    The Sphinx with the Sphinxter cutting through the rocky face

    Cedar Mountain. One of my trips taken as a professional skinner.

    Kyle and I training in Hyalite

    Sometimes without skis

    There may be nearly no snow in SW Montana (except Cooke), but at least it looks pretty. Mt. Cowan in the distance.


    And, finally, it was time for the Grand on Sunday. I hadn’t been above 10k all year (or 11k, 12k, or 13k for that matter), so we started early. Unfortunately, Kyle had to ski patrol, so it was just Steve and I. I think you all probably remember my Grand fiasco from last year, and this jaunt went significantly better.

    As dawn arrived, I could tell that Steve was hurting. I was too, but it was manageable. I sure was glad that Steve Romeo had broken trail 5 days beforehand. Thanks Steve! You’re an animal!

    Booting up the Teepe Glacier

    In the Stettner, we found 2 other groups in front of us. This significantly slowed us down and provided a nice shower of ice and snow while climbing. Luckily, they were friendly and sympathetic.

    Middle Teton from the Stettner.

    Steve following the upper Stettner. Right below him is an ice bulge that he took a small spill on. The bulge itself was fine, but one had to mantel off of it into steep snow without any tool placements (even rock), hoping that the feet would stick. It was especially sketchy with my previous ice screw being in semi-hollow ice. Twas fun though, and the rest of the climbing was quite easy. It was Steve’s first time ice climbing! Go Steve!

    Alas, for many reasons, the hour became too late (2:30), and I had to turn around approximately 1-200 feet from the summit, at the top of the Ford Couloir. I felt good about calling it at this point. The dude right below me was some random guy that half-soloed the ascent because his partner was sick down in the meadows. Strange circumstance, but he seemed nice enough and allowed us to do longer raps with 2 ropes.

    This photo cracks me up. Steve managed to get photos of me only when I had stopped, and this one just seems strange (not that mine were great). For reference, I made it approximately 150 feet past the dude behind me, and the summit is in the background.

    View from the top

    Resting in the Ford couloir.

    Steve ripping it.

    The snow and temperatures were actually the most pleasant near the summit. Once we were near the meadows, the snow turned into a 35 degree ice skating rink, definitely the crux.

    As usual, we had a shitty time finding our way out from Bradley Lake, and arrived at the car well into the dark and cold night. When we started, the temp was -15 F, when we finished it was -11 F. Jackson inversions suck!

    Pray for snow, because there isn’t even enough around Bozeman for them to groom the trails.

    Stay tuned for February…..

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    Nice! Thanks for the badly needed stoke. I love the blackmore shot – really dreamlike. And the Grand Teton is so impressive to look at. It must be a trip to actually be up there. But I didn’t realize it is so heavily trafficked. Is that unusual?

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Hell yeah. That’s what I’m talkin about. And there’s not even any snow yet.

    el diablo
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    that is some beautiful and hardcore stuff.

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    Love it Dude. Wish I was at the pass right now. Will someone take Pops up the Grand please?

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    that’s really sick, way to go. I thought montana was doing pretty good, did it start out good? I thought I remember some early TR’s that were sick.

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    Montana’s snow season started out great in October, then it basically hasn’t snowed since (okay, a bit, but minimally). It’s snowing right now, but the entire base is 2 or 3 feet of rotten facets AKA death.

    Pops, I’d love to take you up there sometime 😉

    I think the grand was so heavily trafficked because of a photo a few days beforehand in the JH daily of Romeo et al’s pow turns up top. The weekend was approaching and it was still sunny, so everyone wanted to get after it. Plus, there really is only one way up and down the thing, so of course one runs into everyone else. Usually though, I think it only sees a few winter ascents.

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    Nomad goddamn slaying powder all across the land. Your becoming quite the powder connoisseur.

    Nomad if your still heading west a few people that missed out on Helens want to hit it up again. Another option was touring the Snoqualmie bc. This weekend the best weather window is Saturday. Don’t know which way I’m leaning yet.

    Btw I got all your pics on a cd now so next time your in town…

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    nicely done!

    Thanks for the TR. How long did the grand trip take?

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    Thanks for the TR thats hard fn’ core stuff you did! The pics are great too.

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    What boot/binding setup are you using for that kind of climb? Thanks…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Cool beans!

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    nice job dude. I hear ya on the professional skinning, there isn’t really much riding to be had. God I haven’t even gotten on any thing remotely steep since october

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    Mad respect! I’ve climbed that mountain…in the summer. It was burley! Winter?! Nice tour. Great pics.


    ~ Edub

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    SF – For trips that involve climbing, I’m now using Vasque Ice 9000 boots. I love them, but unfortunately they’re a bit too large (purchased on ebay). This makes the turns less precise than I would like and I have to retie them frequently. However, my feet have yet to get cold in them, which is a huge bonus. Bindings are some old Burton Missions that are probably due to be replaced, which probably won’t happen anytime soon ($$$).

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    good shit nomad!

    thanks for sharing! 8)


    Excellent Nomad. Matt and I were thinking about the Grand on the same day, but bailed because we figured it would be crowded up there. Guess we were right. Super sweet pics and good hooking up with you on Teton Pass. Not long before the fest!

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    oh come on! there has to be some riding out there. even i’m finding some pow off lifts. don’t tell me the east is doing better.

    well, nice pics and grueling looking tours…as always.

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    Great stuff!

    Makes me want to ride the grand even more, I read Steves TR over at today too. Cedar mountain looks so inviting from Big Sky, but I’ve never talked myself into the approach.

    I think I’m going mountain biking today though, it’s turned to spring already here apparently.

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