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    …basically right across the street from the Stevens Pass parking lot. Last time, I remember riding down from the other side down to 2 and traversing back. Now here I was a virgin again, skinning across the street to some stash that Silas and Sanchez knew about. Silas said no trip reports so I must invoke the stash worthiness protocol.

    The pod consisted of myself, Rick, Cosmos the urinating pooch and the three S’s – Silas, Sanchez and Susan. So everyone pulled up about 9ish and soon after started our trek into the storm. Of course as we climbed higher and left the trees into the exposed, the more it blew. So far the party only observed minor wind slabbage. Pretty much the new stuff that just fell, about 2 inches worth.

    Not before long we arrived at our drop in point. The funniest part was watching the dog peer over the parts you couldn’t see. After a brief hesitation and well there’s tracks going down it Cosmos dropped in all belly sliding. Btw Silas thanks for pointing out that chute. Only sluffage with deep snow walls along the side to get lost in. Then before long I was in a pillow bashing, I can’t see where I’m going heaven. I looked backed to see everyone having a grand ole time with powder flying everywhere. Couldn’t help but notice the 6 or more feet of snow ontop of rocks and gotta say the PNW is back in full effect. The snow ghosts were everywhere. Silas had already burned a killer track thru that was fun to follow. Rick found some slabs and Cosmos pulled a crazy ivan on Susan while Sanchez slid on his Plakes.

    Time to skin up again. Damn it’s still puking, windy and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The skin out was eventfull as the temps rose. Freshly fallen snow, about 2-3 inches began to sluff with ease off the small knolls. In a couple of places shooting cracks from the freshly fallen were achieved but no whoomfing or sounds of settling, which was a comfort I might add. I had fun knocking snow off bent branches. I observed in someplaces where our track cut in knee deep or more. Yup skinning was rough in certain spots. So everybody made it to our next drop in point and thru the trees we went. Hmmm deep. By the time everybody arrived back at their cars I had a cornice growing from the roof of my car. Sweet!

    Today was a really really good day. Hard to imagine anyone whose out there that didn’t or hasn’t already had a really really good day or days. Now if it would bluebird it would be the stuff dreams are made out of. Thanks again Silas and Sanchez for showing me around. That place needs another going over for sure. Damn I’m hungry and it’s been raining hardcore for a bit. It’s gonna be another good week. 😈

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