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    i know he is a skier but this is amazing. does anyone know what the biggest snowboard cliff drop is? this is crazy!!!!


    @dtimms wrote:

    i know he is a skier but this is amazing. does anyone know what the biggest snowboard cliff drop is? this is crazy!!!!

    he landed on his head


    And he had to get dug out by his crew. Don’t know what the biggest snowboard drop is, but it don’t count unless you ride away from it. But I will agee on the crazy part.


    Rumor has it that he has become quite a laughing stock around Jackson. The newspaper article began with the two words:
    “Man claims….â€Â


    i believe he had every intention of landing in a back check and skiing away. i give the guy credit. he is doing stuff on skis that i know i wouldn’t try. even his big mountain lines (although not too pretty) are still bigger and faster than i can ride. he is pushing himself and the sport. i give the guy props for this crazy drop, stunt, or whatever you call it.


    Would still count as a record it the skis had been strapped to his back and he just ran off the freakin’ thing?


    i followd the discussion on couloir, and i have to agree: since his “crew” had to dig him out it wasn’t more than a attempt. and i wouldn’t call it a ski jump eather.
    i fully agree with the guy saying: just because you put snow on and beneath the coffee table in your livingroom and jump off of it with skis strapped to your feet doesn’t mean it was a ski jump. are people going to huck 400 ft cliffs in the future because he was able to push the limit a little further? i dont think so.
    the guy is nuts, completely. especially with a wife and a two year old doughter waiting at home. I have to agree he’s got balls though, but i guess they are only that big because he’s got nothing in his head.


    actually, this wasn’t a world record:

    What is the Highest Jump WITHOUT a Parachute?

    1. “Lieutenant I. M. Chisov of the former Soviet Union was flying his Ilyushin 4 on a bitter cold day in January 1942, when it was attacked by 12 German Messerschmitts. Convinced that he had no chance of surviving if he staged with his badly battered plane, Chisov bailed out at 21,980 feet. With the fighters still buzzing around, Chisov cleverly decided to fall freely out of the arena. It was his plan not to open his chute until he was down to only 1000 ft above the ground. Unfortunately, he lost consciousness en route. As luck would have it, he crashed at the edge of a steep ravine covered with 3 ft of snow. Hitting at about 120 mi/h, he plowed along its slope until he came to rest at the bottom. Chisov awoke 20 min later, bruised and sore, but miraclously he had suffered only a concussion of the spine and a fractured pelvis. Three and one-half months later he was back at work as a flight instructor.” Hecht, Eugene. Physics: Calculus. 2nd ed. United States: Brooks/Cole, 2000. p 85

    2. Flight Sergeant Nicholas Steven Alkemade was on a bombing mission over Germany on 23 March 1944 when his Lancaster bomber flying at 18,000 feet was blazed apart and in flames when he was forced to jump, without a parachute or be burn to death. He dove out of his destroyed aircraft hoping on a quick death. His speed accelerated to over 120 miles per hour and he impacted on a snow covered sloping forest. He was completely uninjured and later captured by the Germans who refused to believe his story. (

    3. The longest survivable fall, 26 January 1972, was Vesna Vulovic a stewardess in a DC-9 which blew up at 33,330 feet. She was in the tail section of the aircraft and though injured survived the fall.

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