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    After days of storms up on the Pass Ctowles, Henry and I decided to get after it. The original plan was to ski the Cave Couloir on the park, however the previous night of partying prevented that and we ended up on top of the Mount Glory about 1:00. Inside Glory bowl the powder was bottomless. The lower elevations did not have the cover needed so we rod the top 700′ of the bowl and boot packed back up to the summit three times. Then we took a lap on coal creek. Coal creeks coverage was great up high and we were able to ride to the bottom although the coverage was scratchy at best on the luge track out of the drainage.

    Henry Suited up in the warming hut on top of Mt. Glory

    Chris and I Unstapping for the boot Pack back to the summit.

    Ctowels Making his turns.

    Henry about to drop in.

    Henry making a few turns

    After a lift back to the top of the pass a caught a few of this sunset.


    Looks like a great start. I will be there next week and would love to make some laps up on the pass, pray for more snow!


    Sick first day. That sunset is unreal.


    I heart Jackson


    Hey Schralp, Bring a rain coat. It’s pissin’ high and low right this moment. There isn’t any snow left, just ice and crap.


    Go figure, the Hunt for White October continues!!


    you Sum B*%$^! hey Brian Brendan here from Hadley amazed that you just picked up and left!! thats awesome you out there all season keep the pics coming for i am jealous big time. take it easy


    well, its been a bit of a slow start up here this season, but we have gotten a little fresh snow lately and we’re just starting to get back to where we were 3 weeks ago snow pack wise. we’ve been out the last couple days making turns, and the snow has been decent. here are a few shots from skiing glory bowl earlier this week.

    Bryan (aka BRG) atop glory:

    Some Folks setting a booter up the north aspect of little tuckermans (aka chicken scratch chutes):

    Taylor Mtn. filling in nicely, should be just another storm or two:

    South Side of the Pass, also starting to fill in:

    BRG picking his way thru the rock bands in Glory Bowl:

    My Roomate Annessa rippin it up in Glory Bowl:


    OMG! 😆 I miss Jackson. Thanks for the great pics of the valley and Taylor Mountain.

    Get some!

    ~ Edub

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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