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    I need out, the lack of snow in the sierra is a serious problem right now and I’m looking to make a trip to JH. I’m curious if anyone out there has any wisdom to share on a way around paying full price for lift tickets. I know here in Mammoth they hand out vouchers to their employees and they in turn either give them to their friends or sell them to their friends in town. Is there a similar situation in JH? Also looking for a floor/couch to sleep on if anyone feels like helping out a poor splitboarder. Thinking about heading over there either early next week (12th) or the week after that (19th) Thanks for any help!

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    You do not need lift tickets to splitboard

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    Conditions are prime right now. Yesterday was the deepest day of the year and another foot in the next 24. Sketchy avi conditions but that could change. The pass is riding good right now and there are touring options in gtnp as well. Forget discount or free tickets. Almost impossible to come by. Employees get 50%.. No more vouchers. Tickets are over $100 too. If u have never been its worth checking it out for a day or two but the real goods in Jackson are in the bc. Give a shout when u get to town, I ride every day. Happy to show a visitor around. Met alot of folks from Tahoe this week, sounds like u guys got the shaft on the snowpack this season. Come on out. Riding is fine around here.


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    You do not need lift tickets to splitboard

    Hell no! :bow:

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    Bump for two split bums looking for a floor to crash on/partners to split with in the Jackson area! Gonna be arriving monday/tuesday and leaving on Sunday. Also hoping to get some word from people living in the area about the avi conditions.

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    Today monday or next monday? I’ve been touring in gtnp for about the last 3 weeks and will be leaving the area later this week. If you’re getting in town today/tomorrow shoot me a pm and we can meet up, I’ll fill you in with what I know is going on and let you know about the spots I’ve been to. Can’t help you with a place to crash though, sorry.

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    ill be in town wednesday and wed nite. probly just gonna hike the pass. id like to venture further but im not even doing much more than sidecountry at my local resort.

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