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    It’s been a long fall . I’d had solid day under my skins by this time last year. I keep looking through photos and eyeing up the snow line and dreaming. so maybe being over keen I figured I’d do a little arm waving on the interwebz and share a TR from the last real day of snow sliding. spring. 4/20!

    I was working on the coast and we got snowed out, so I high tailed it home for a day out with the boys. we got after it early, leaving town in the rear view by 4.20am

    hit the skin track as it was getting light. looking out over the gap.

    the conditions were 20-40cms on a sun crust with death cookies lurking but we made the best of it and put some acrage behind us.

    dropping ass round one.

    we made haist up the next short skin and put our marks on the next shot.

    yours truely

    yo yo’d up the skin track and along the ridge line dropping into the a line that slid on me earlier in the year. heres the tele kid laying down some alpine turns.

    then some direct line boot packing, up to the top of the minor summit and into a line we call altoids. the barking spider, one with the banoonoo.

    lap back up in the afternoon sun heading for some north facing love. happy valley

    at the bottom of that we took it easy for a moment, regrouped. 9 hours of skiing was taking its toll. so instead of heading back up for the gargoyles which would be sun crusted, we tucked our tails between our legs, duck out through the first notch and hit the road with a 4km skin/ski back to the truck.

    here is the tele kid, 10h in and hes still making it look easy right befor we hit the road.


    heres to many good days to come with the same solid crew.

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    the gap looks good last year… my last day was one run up the gorge in the last week of may… it was so heavy and wet that i got the hell out of there – but i had to go have a look at it. Talked with a cat skinner on the road, he was funny we talked cars and stuff . sweet terrain and pics, looks like a good crew :clap:

    in my area last year there was a meter of snow by nov 7….this year i bet i can still drive in on the 3rd… but it’ll all shake out in the end.

    nice edit of the word shit by the way BCR…

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    last year a meter @ treeline by mid oct, three meters still hanging around at the end of may. this year, still riding/building dirt. it’s all good but it will be good to get out there.

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    Here is a pic from last weekend…not quite there yet.th_oct08076.jpg

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    powder rules, thanks for sharing! 8)

    dig that new avatar too sluffer! :thatrocks:

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    hey thanks bcr that one is from 78….pre bindings, pre edges, prehistoric

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