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    It just keeps dumping in Colorado. Another day, another 6″-12″+.

    The snow is still coming down here and the base is still 100″+. We have gotten more snow this year than Alyeska AK!
    Don’t hang them up quite yet! :bananas:

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    No kidding, it just won’t stop. Where are you Pedro?

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    I am in D-Town.

    I was going up today, but my partner didn’t wake up this morning :banghead:

    I went shooting instead :headbang:

    I might trust him again tomorrow…

    Archie McPhee
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    Some friends of mine in Golden just reported a tour with 18″ o’ fresh. You guys suck.

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    This was Wednesday, and it wont stop snowing… :clap:

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    Looks like the Avy danger is finally starting to ease up here in Colorado, but were still Colorado so watch out! We just local lost Splitboarder a week ago so be careful and pack your sunscreen and your smarts 😳

    @CAIC wrote:

    We’ve been fairly fortunate that the snowpack has been able to slowly transition out of a winter time structure. The slower process helps the upper snowpack gain strength since we’ve been getting ok freezes for multiple nights. A hard freeze tonight will help even more. For us, a hard freeze helps build a solid crust between us at the surface and the poly-granular melt freeze grains deeper in the snowpack. It has been a little over a week since we’ve gotten reports of deeper slabs from the backcountry. It’s our belief that there are still some lurking weaknesses that could continue to provoke these deeper slabs, especially if we get a strong warm-up at weeks end. Keep thinking avalanches and what would one do to me here?

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