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    I’ve been splitting for several years, snowboarding for over 20. My wife is a longterm snowboarder who was about to hop on board the splitboard adventures a couple seasons back until we got pregnant which put that plan on delay. She’s thinking about doing some hiking again now and would like to get out and try some simple backcountry but I’m not sure she will have the dedication to warrant purchasing split gear for her. She says she wants to try the local easy access “backcountry” spot (about 1.5 miles hike straight up from the parking lot and 1200′ elevation gain) and hike it with snowshoes and board on pack a time or two (which she’s never done) first. I’m not opposed to letting her sweat it out and try it that way a time or two as I did the same back in the day and have learned to appreciate not having a board on my back since. We also have the option to rent her a splitboard locally to try that as well later after she’s done snowshoes at least once.

    So I’m looking for a daypack for her that could be used for either depending on if she decides she just wants to hike a time or two a season for something different and pack her board, or if she decides she’d rather get into hiking more and not have the board on her back. Hopefully something that can carry a board vertically and horizontally, as well as possibly in split mode. She just needs the basics for a half to full day of mellow backcountry…. extra clothes, food, water and avy gear. Anyone have some recommendations of women’s packs for me to check out?

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    Deuter has a whole line of womens fit backpacks (anything with SL in the name) including a whole pile ski/snowboard specific packs beyond the original Freerider.

    That was Pontus

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