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    I need some help-

    After two years and having used my custom Prior AMF 176 (waist 28.8) about 15 times, I have come to the conclusion that my board is not as stiff as I need it to be. At 6’7″ and 235 lbs with a size 14 boot, most boards are going to inherently flex more for me. That being said, the biggest challenge I have is that the top 1/3 of the skin does not make solid contact with the snow because I flex the ski so much. I’ve done enough ascents now to know that my touring skills are dialed and I am sliding as a result of my skis flexing so much. I’m open to some sort of DIY mod, however, at my size I things breaking are much more of a possibility. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Are you using crampons?

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    Well the AMF is probably going to have more flex than a lot of boards. If you want something other than a twin you could look at the Venture Storm or Odin. NS Raptor X would be a good bet for more beef but they dont come split from the factory. Other good bets are a Winterstick ST or TB Pro. Those are all going to ride quite different then the AMF though.

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    2nded on the Storm/Odin being very stiff. The Odin feels a bit stiffer than the Storm. The shape looks somewhat limiting though, the taper is pretty extreme on both of those boards. Great in pow tho…

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    I would also expect the stock AMF to be a bit on the soft side.

    I tried a 159 Venture Zephyr solid this season and found it to be far stiffer than other freeride boards of that length that I have tried or hand flexed (quite a few).

    Winterstick would probably stiffen a board for you if you were concerned the stock one was not stiff enough. Prior would also stiffen a board if you wanted.

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    I have two boards from Prior, a 170 Khyber and 178 Spearhead. In both cases I talked to them on the phone and explained that I’m 210lbs and prefer stiffer boards. They added extra carbon strips to each and the difference is very noticeable. The Spearhead is the full carbon setup they do plus the additional strips. Very light and stiff.

    My buddy has this year’s storm and it is much softer when compared to my Prior. At his weight the storm is perfect but wouldn’t work for me.

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    I’ve got an Atomic Alibi from a few years back. Solidboard, cambered, twin. It’s still the stiffest board I and many of my friends have ever ridden.
    Of course you’d have to be willing to split one of these yourself.

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    +1 for the Odin its way stiffer than my Raptor so that says a lot.

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    Yeah, using crampons…

    I spoke with Prior yesterday, they told me maybe “I’m not putting enough pressure on my heel when touring”. I’m not sure how I could apply more heel pressure and I lean WAY back.

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    using voile skins? They have more grip than G3….

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    @straightliner wrote:

    +1 for the Odin its way stiffer than my Raptor so that says a lot.

    Really? I don’t find my odin to be very stiff, mine is a 164 tho.

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    I find that most Priors tend to be on the soft side stock. My 168 backcountry freeride was definitely too soft for my 170 lb weight, and I prefer the stiffer flex of my Venture Storm 166.
    I would expect that the standard layup for the AMF would be a little on the soft side, considering it is basically a freestyle board, designed to be somewhat forgiving when landing under or over rotated spins. With size 14s you must need a really wide waist as well.
    If you like Priors designs, I would suggest you ask them to make you something custom with a thicker core, and extra longitudinal carbon.
    Otherwise the 27 cm width Venture Storms are pretty stiff, this is a tapered directional freeride board though, and may not be what you are looking for?

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    I’ve got nothing against Prior but jeez–a guy pays for a custom deck and this is the result?

    I’d call Sean at Donek. I can attest to the fact that he’ll take the utmost care designing a board to your height, weight, riding style, and desired ride characteristics. He’s the closest I know of to snowboarding’s equivalent of a really intuitive custom bicycle frame builder. But the best thing is he doesn’t charge custom prices; he’ll work with you on a custom flex, width, length, taper and sidecut and then build it for no charge beyond the cost of their normal decks.

    You could probably sneak by on some of the larger, stiffer production decks out there (a 181/27 Storm comes to mind) but given your stature, the investment at hand, and how long you’ll likely own and ride the deck, you really would be better off getting something custom fit to you. Or so is my opinion. Good luck!


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    I doubt that losing the front 1/3 of skin contact really makes that much of a difference. Unless the board is severely reverse camber, I cannot imagine how you’re losing contact with the snow. You are a big guy though and I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen. On a split, most of your grip comes from the section under your feet and it reduces as it gets further away. Reverse camber accentuates this. Maybe you should try something with regular camber if you think you need more contact though.

    From what I’ve heard, the Ventures are going to be on the stiffer side. I would consider my Jones Solution to be a pretty stiff board for a split as well, I also ride the flagship and love it but I’m about 30 lbs lighter than you. I have size 13 feet and they fit great on the 68W.

    Just another suggestion for the touring aspect of your problem. Have you tried the dual height climbing bars that voile makes? They can definitely increase your grip on the steeper slopes.

    Good luck filmore!
    Good luck

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    I second what shredgnar said, the fact that the tip of your skins are off the snow doesn’t make you lose traction. With the (rare) exception of trying to stick to a delicate surface hoar on the skin track, you get better traction by focusing your weight on a small part of the skin,(like getting most of your weight on the climbing bar.) Are you in a place where you are only touring for pow or are you doing hard snow also on your split? I’d go for a Donek if you need 28cm and you ride variable conditions and not just nice soft snow all the time.

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    Has anyone mentioned Winterstick? They are pretty freaking stiff, and you could likely contact them to customize it for you…

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    The Mojo RX from Voile is a stiff board.

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    mojo??? really??
    did you guys even read the op?
    6’7″ 235# size 14 on a 28 wide 176 board
    hell I’m 6′ and 200# and ride a 173 Identity and and a 184 grocer, both of which I have no trouble maneuvering even in the tightest trees,
    Go with Donek, call or email Sean as an alpine board builder who KNOWS customs for notoriously picky/demanding hard booters and racers he knows what needed for big guys that ride big boards you will be happy with the result be cause you can get exactly what you need. up to 30 wide and 200 long with a flex and sidecut matched to you size and style of riding.
    checkout snowmans thread about his custom split nomad.
    Sean Martin – president/founder
    Donek Snowboards Inc.
    check out the videos on his site

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    If you do go custom, you might consider a custom stance width also. I don’t know if you’ve ever experimented with wide stances, but going wider than the usual 24″ might be worth a try for someone as tall as you. For example, I’m 6’3″, ride a straight-across back foot and upper 30s on the front, and a 27″ stance feels perfect whereas 24″ feels really unstable. If you do go wider, tell the builder on the front end so that board’s profile is fit to that stance width. Anyhow, something to consider.


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