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    @Jason4 wrote:

    Dogs in the skin track aren’t a big deal for me yet. I don’t see enough out to really change the nature of the skin track and I’m usually pretty happy to see dogs out playing in the snow. I was out a week ago and saw a long haired dachshund jumping from one boot hole to the next in a boot pack. :mrgreen:

    Like any dog questions: dog-lovers don’t mind, dog-haters (aka evil people) will throw a fit.

    Kyle Miller
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    One of the weirdest things I ever saw was a lady making switchbacks downhill in the skin track while there was open slopes to both sides.

    Flats totally understandable.

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    As long as the dog doesn’t shit or piss on the skin track, who cares!!! Seen plenty of this unfortunately :nononno:

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    Last year we were on a ridge that was that annoying pitch where it’s really steep to skin (so lots of switchbacks), but deep so didn’t really want to boot it, when suddenly a fox comes flying past us at mach 2 and broke trail all the way up the ridge line for us (so we switched to booting). Maybe someone can figure out how to get their dog to do this!

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    @Kyle Miller wrote:

    What about dogs on skin tracks?

    The only problem you would have had over the past few months are Wombats, Sheep and Kea!
    The Kea is the worst, eating your board off you feet! 😆 😆 😆

    Adam West

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    There are plenty of spots on my local hill where people boot in the track, I think kyle and i had a discussion about it when climbing??
    But they wont follow switchbacks, they just go straight.
    I used to to boot in the track, and those dynafit weight-weenies used to always yell at me.
    but i usually stick to “when in doubt, boot it out” which tends to be when we have some of our famous wind buffed snow here in NZ and skinning is just a bitch.

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    Before I had a split, I was out on snowshoes with a group of 4 skiers. We set the skintrack, with me last because I was slower and destroying the track. Some dickhead caught up to me and gave me shit for snowshoeing in the skintrack… that my group made.

    Don’t like my track, break your own damn trail.

    I try to recall this incident every time I feel backcountry rage growing within me. Because being a dickhead sucks.

    Matt Wood
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    HAHA ^ I’ve had the same experience many years ago more than once on the Front Range. Funny but some of my skier friends often miss my snowshoes when we are wallowing around in deep snow. “Remember when Wood would always break trail for us”.

    If you put it in, do with it as you please. If someone else put it in, show some respect.

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    In Colorado I see this all the time. :nononno:

    I too would want to step in your solid skin if every step I took I sunk to my balls while booting.

    Just make your own track if there’s room.

    What urks me more is the width of the skin track, I’m not on stupid euro skis so I basically have to make my own track anyways.

    But truth be told if you cant make your own skin track you probably aren’t ready for the backcountry.

    In my short time playing in the backcountry I’ve learned that just because there is a skin track doesn’t mean its the correct path..

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