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    @ricorides wrote:

    @russman wrote:

    This is what happens when you give physically talented but undereducated privileged white kids a 20 million dollar budget:

    1) mind blowing level of skiing

    2) mind blowing cinematography

    3) mind blowing lack of plot line organization

    4) mind blowing separation / dissociation from reality

    5) mind blowing degree of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

    It was like my brain kept wanting more of a deeper meaning to all this flashy shit, yet I realized that somewhere along the line these guys just got over funded, probably pressured to make something epic, and somehow forgot the basics of how to write a single paragraph. There’s an introduction, a body, and a closure… This was like one GIANT introduction with a fantastically disorganized body, and essentially no final clear closing message. It was like “we ski hot as shit, have a crap load of money, and here’s a pathetic attempt at a story line”.

    I mean, I’ll probably watch that BC section again because the shredding is unworldly, but I can’t say I’ll waist my time again watching that retarded snowboard half pipe section again. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?! The tricks were like early 90’s progression! Oh cool, he was trying a frontside 5! And he’s just sitting there hitting himself in the head?? It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!

    Oh, my thoughts on the debate on which sport is more shredtastic (skiing vs. snowboard): They are different activities with their own strengths and weaknesses, and it mostly has to do with the rider…

    Xavier’s part in this movie was RAD! And he charges as fast as any skier… Just sayin!

    Russman got it right.

    Our local avalanche center brought it to town for a fund raiser. Meh movie, I hope at least KPAC got a percentage of the bar revenue and made some money.

    I felt like I was watching Into the Mind lit up on equal doses of meth and acid, not just the handful of Newcastle’s in my belly. Speed up, slow down. Overlayed images, like the half pipe scene? Projected scenes onto active scenes? ADD editing? Lots of film making gimmickery, but lacking cohesion. Yeah yeah, Sherpas, I get it, but I didn’t really like it.
    One thing I’ve always hated in snow porn flicks is quick editing, or the so called “trick film”. I’ve always preferred editing (which comes top down from the production company), a film that shows more of the run; I felt Into the Mind was pretty much a trick reel.

    Valhalla was much better. That one I would watch again. It has naked ladies!

    I loved valhalla, sweetgrass never fails.

    Agree Russsman. That was my same issue with art of flight, and on a different level my hatred of all things TGR culture related. i’m tired of uncreative 19-31 year old white kids getting handed free money to “express themselves”. <

    I fully include myself in this except i’m not getting free money.

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    I just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys, the crew, for making splitboarding what it is: FUCKING AMAZING AS SHIT!!

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    @russman wrote:

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys, the crew, for making splitboarding what it is: FUCKING AMAZING AS SHIT!!

    Love the stoke!

    wasatch surf
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    @russman wrote:

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys, the crew, for making splitboarding what it is: FUCKING AMAZING AS SHIT!!

    who are you and what have you done with Russman?

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    Some good rants in here.

    I just saw this flick and really liked it. I’d say that if you’ve seen Koyaanisqatsi and at least know who Joseph Cambell is, you’ll probably dig this movie. It’s ‘experimental,’ fer sure, but I liked that it was ambitious, and there are a few moments that are mind blowing (like the super slow zoom in to a tiny skier riding a nice couloir). My :twocents: .

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    I actually liked the movie for the most part, cool ideas, but a little too much time spent in the editing room. Was happy to see some of the other north face team members doing their thing (the kayak scene was pretty damn awesome). Would have loved to have seen more of some of the other athletes and cut about 30 minutes of slow motion dradle spinning; and who the hell thought that half pipe scene was a good idea? I would have gladly spent that time watching Conrad Anker climb cool stuff…..otherwise I think it was an interesting way to do a ski porn. Hopefully other movies will take note and just tone it down a bit.

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    As some one who is studying some mythology in grad school (Anchorage) I appreciated what they were going for but thought that some moments were too much (like the half pipe scene). Also a little nod to Campbell would have been appropriate. They took the subtitles from Hero of a Thousand Faces without blinking.The ending was nice though. I like that “All I Want” song.

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    watched it the other day. It had parts i liked and parts that were just meh. The halfpipe was completely meh.

    Also, why does every ski/snowboard film need to have a section in whistler where they are riding a massive jump into the sunset. Seriously. do something else.

    Some of the locations were rad and im more for the watch the whole line rather than the OMG CAB 27 YO shit. If i can see the whole line its kind of more beneficial for me to see how riders approach terrain and how they deal with slough etc.

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    So it’s up on Netflix now; and I’m kinda late to the party.

    DCP segment was fantastic.

    Wanted to see more Conrad Anker.

    Xavier’s the man.

    Cinematography is in the running for the best I’ve ever seen. . . ever.
    . . . Cinematic effects were not good enough to overcome the complete lack of anything that makes me want to continue watching (especially during those interludes). I had to turn it off after an hour and conclude it the next night.

    I clearly didn’t do enough drugs back in the day to enjoy this as best could.

    Winter’s coming 😀

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