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    I don’t, any other recommend places to try this winter?

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    snow permitting of course. I really would love to check off the professor, one of the sky chutes, peak one, baldy,buffalo, or whatever eles really. I normally skin up keystone to get in shape for longer/harder missions.

    cant wait for the beavers and the rockpile too.

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    Black label,

    Where could i go to find out what runs you are exactly talking about?
    Does anyone have any recommendations on books that talk about routes and mountain for skiing/ split boarding ?

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    There’s a store right behind red mountain grill in Dillon, it’s either wilderness sports or something similar they have a lot of great books and maps and resources. They have splitboarding gear too. Another good place I found is right next to moes BBQ in breck. Sorry I don’t know the names but you can’t miss either one. Soon as I get back in the mtns I’ll get with ya and we can do some tours, none of my friends have splitboards.

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    This is a good book you want for spring

    Fritz lays it all out. Theres no secrets in there.

    As far as Eiseman goes its a slog, but I think it has the best selection of terrain surrounding any of the 10thmtn/summit huts and the views from in the hut are sweet. Its buy now pay later though, as you are always climbing back up to the hut at the end of the day

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    All I know is that my wife and I will be moving back to Denver in January, leaving the sun and sand of San Diego. We are both looking forward to getting some splitting in a couple days of the week, after work kind of thing. We will probably start arranging carpool rides for anybody who wants to join, meet at the T-Rex parking lot. Even if its a quick tour or a trek into the night on Berthoud Pass or Loveland, I think it would be fun to get a weekly meet up going.

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    Weekly meetup would be cool

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    Yea, I would absolutely be down. I bought a ski mountaineering book and been scoping out a bunch of nice lines. I would like to do Quandary Peak soon.. Any one one else have any favorite places for early riding ??

    Matt Wood
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    Early season riding in Co. is like downhill mountainbiking blind 😉

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    @Matt Wood wrote:

    Early season riding in Co. is like downhill mountainbiking blind 😉

    Like Bobby McMullen :rock:

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    Butler Gulch is a popular beginner/intermediate spot, and usually fills in earlier in the season. Below treeline is typically avy safe. You see a lot of hikers, snowshoers, dogs, etc. on the approach, but once you go vertical it is all skiers and riders. Laps are short but you can get a few hundred feet of nice open tree skiing.

    You mentioned Quandary. If you are talking about the east face (the main route), it is usually hard/windpacked and not great for riding. Read about the Cristo Couloir. I’ve never done it but it is a big spring line.

    Sky Chutes: I’ve done the ‘S’, in late spring, it is a great corn surf. But I wouldn’t dare go in there in winter.

    Above all i suggest and entire winter of skiing below tree-line before trying a Big-mountain line, and even then only do them in the spring. You need a LOT of experience (re: years) before going for Big lines in winter.

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    I was able to purchase a Colorado ski mountaineering book that has a lot of good usable information. There another book someone mentioned earlier in this thread.That books seemed to be more oriented towards ten mile range area. Any other recommendations would be highly appreciated. Found out that my local store cant get the 162w solution, he suggested that I go up to the 168w, which I think is fairly big board even for being 200lb 6’4..

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    Why do you want a solution? Everyone’s got a solution. There are so many smaller hand made companies that make a quality board for the same price and you’re supporting local. What are you looking for most in a board? Venture boards are bulletproof, I have a solid of theirs and it’s lived up to its name “bomber”. I guess I just enjoy being different, and a board whore.

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    I’m open to suggestions.. I just really like the board that they made for this year, however 168w is a little to big and the 162w is a tad bit short. I’ve looked into oz snowboards and there a split or two that are wide enough. Any experience with this company ? Just need something thats at least 26.0 for width because I’m size 13.

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    Support Colorado!

    Venture has 26 and 27cm wide boards in all sizes if you really have that big of feet. Any model will do, that is in line with your style. I would recommend on the storm to go 2cm longer than you would normally. The Odin 1 cm more, and Zelix right where you expect. Can’t say enough good things about venture. Solid boards and super high level of craftsmanship. Not the most playful, but consistent and stable.

    Never rode an oz, but that has a size in there on the alpenglow. They seem solid, and good company to support.

    Also, neversummer has a 167w prospector that I would think is perfect. Neversummer is a solid company, and their bases hold up the best (venture is second).

    Look into furberg too (not Colorado), they are super fun boards, harder to get. Not as durable, super playful and versatile, I love mine.

    Honestly, a 167 doesn’t seem big for you. I wouldn’t shy from the high 160s. The difference between 162 and 167 is 2 inches.

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    I posted this over in the Split Partners Wanted Forum, but this thread seemed appropriate too.

    What up everyone!

    I just got my first split setup (all I need is skins) and cannot wait to get out there! To say that I am SUPER STOKED would be an understatement.

    None of my crew who I usually ride with is interested (at least in shelling out the cash to) in venturing into the BC, so I’d love to meet some folks who are interested. I’m brand new to splitting, but I am in reasonable shape. I plan on spending the remainder of 2014 skinning at resorts to really get in shape and nail down my skinning technique in time for the peak BC season to start. I reside in Denver (Five Points), so I-70ish is most convenient, but I am definitely down to go wherever.

    I haven’t booked my Level I course yet, but I am targeting the Vail (Apex is the company I think?) backcountry course on 16-18 January if anyone else is thinking about getting certified. Holler if so!

    Anywho, just wanted to say what up and possibly meet up with some folks for some touring a little later this season. Cheers to the snow gods for a good season!

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    I live in Vail and just did my first split mission up vail this weekend. Also a beginner, and trying to register for an avy course through CMC. I’d be happy to ride back country with anyone experienced (I have avy gear and awareness, not certified though) or resort missions with new folks.


    Im in summit county and know a few spots…plan on exploring a whole bunch more. I’d be down for a meet up if that ever gets put together.

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