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    So, With about a half pound of pressure I was able to talk HFT into going up to SME for a week of touring, but 1st I had to make sure he saw a small sample of the sweetest sweetness BC has to offer. Dave420, Adam, and Dastard(Vince) were super rippin fellows to give us a 2 day peak at my future home…(well at least 2hours south of there).

    I was only home for a week before I kissed the wife good bye, and headed west.

    I found a really cool zone that I just had to stop, and check out.

    I went for a quick tour to check out the access, and then got a room for the night to get prepped to do a bivy the next 2 days. Unfortunately, The weather came in, and my bivy basically was for nothing. I kept waking up in the middle of the night to make loud “whoops”. There are Mountain Lions in this area, so I wasn’t too stoked.

    I had a wicked “Surly Off” with the hoppy goodness of “The Furious” in my make shift paint tarp bivy.

    I had a couple days of down time, so I waited for my ripper brosef to hurry and fly the fokk in already for shred….The time came, I stashed my “stash” before picking up HFT from zeeee aeropuerto..meng

    An early start and we were off to the races….Note: Don’t ask about carrying guns across the border. Patrol instantly will assume you’re coming to Canada to bust a cap in somebodies ass, er sumfin’.

    Dave420(on his birthday), and I checking out some sick future lines.

    HFT loves to shoot pictures of his face with a wide angle

    Dave420 and Adam enjoying some sweet ass views w/ squinty eyes…This is because it’s too much friggin stoke for both eyes to take in at once!

    Now time for BC shred!!!

    It was a great day with Dave and Adam….HFT and I came back a week later for one last day with Dave and Vince.

    Dave “future papa” and his steezy shades

    Vince…my kind of rider for sure

    Unfortunately, We didn’t get to ride with Dave and Vince as much as we would have liked. I have to apologize to Dave and Vince for HFT’s, and I departure from the group. Some “sketch” went down by an unknown person causing this departure. We did however get

    some great vistas

    good lines(I nicknamed this line St. Vincent)

    and some killer shots…courtesy of Mr. HFT badass photo guy…I owe him big time!!

    All who love this place raise your freeking hands!!

    Pow slash in front of St. Vincent

    After watching Dave and Vince shred a nice line…St. Vincent was up

    Stoke was high for HFT’s shred down St. Vincent

    HFT saying a long goodbye to an area that we’re super stoked on…He’s got little shredder on the way into this world to show this place someday

    A little vid of the 2 days of goodness we were honored to share with Dave, Adam, and Vince….we’ll return brothers!!


    great condition…… we only dream this seasion in europ from this powder runs πŸ˜₯



    Wow–super envious!!


    Tasty! I actually like the wind noise in your POV as well. Sound like a rocket ship blasting through those pillows of awesome.

    That was Pontus


    Love the interior BC stoke, glad you guys got the goods, and look forward to seeing more from the SME show!


    gold mother fucker gold. sad I missed out.


    Good stuff indeed. Cant wait to get back! Tons of fun terrain to be had. Thanks for the tour guys.



    Wicked trip report guys! Looks like the Kootenays have the goods eh? Fun riding with you guys, as short as it was. I don`t blame you for ditching the massive dangerous group of 8! Heres a pic of the ill-fated blind cliff drop, and the nice line we rode to the left of it. If you look close enough you can see the track disappear over the cliff!

    Looking forward to getting some big days in with you guys in the future. Keep on shreddin!


    Dastard… you’re damn straight we’ll be riding together in the future. :thumpsup: Already planning on picking up an Element(ultimate spartan splitter vehicle) for next winter, so I can full on camp out every night up there! :rock: I may have to prod HFT, and Bones for next year. :poke:

    I watched duder full on point it down that slope before the cliff…his speed saved him for sure from complete body destruction, or death. Very lucky individual… Seeing people almost die definitely sets the “bail now” alarm off.

    Good on you and Dave to stick with it, and show them all a good day. We didn’t do that second line due to wind loading, so you all had a great line out.

    We’ll see you all next year brosef :thumpsup:

    And Congrats to Dave and HFT for their little ones on the way :clap: Those are some very lucky babies to have such outstanding dads. Cheers boyoz!


    That TR didn’t suck. My boy Washwood is moving to BC next year, so I’m planning a visit out there for sure next winter, not sure if it will be the interior or Coast Range. It will be nice to be able to do bigger lines in stabler snow. How was stability up there for you guys? Little better then our occasionally puckering Colorado snowpack?

    bones get broke

    The ILLNESS!!!!!!

    Thanks for taking a break from your other career as a Soccer star to slay some of America’s hat.



    Nice work. HFT is good at taking pics, breaking trail, etc. The only thing is, you gotta try to keep up with him!


    Sickness, love the video looks deep and stable. A nice break from deep slabs and persistent weak layers I’m sure. HFT congrats on the little one on the way, your smart to get all your riding/travelling in now. πŸ˜†


    Bonez, Even Rhonaldino has to take time off from kicking goals, and tappin more bottom than a NY city bucket drummer

    to get white roomed by some BC cold smoke.

    That shit hangs in the air forever!! :thatrocks:


    “Make sure you stretch out those creamy hamstrings”.


    I’m glad you’re all stoked on the stoke… This was only 2 days in that area. The new snow layer was popping off the 1st day, but manageable in the trees. There was a old crown on the second trip that ripped out some days prior. That day was stable, but the wind was moving it around pretty good.

    HFT is a fast bastard on the track…I’ve pretty much gotten used to the fact that I’m a fast middle of the road on the track. I run pretty hot, so any faster and I start to sweat. Dave and Adam took off like freekin rockets once the track was in.

    Again congrats to Dave and HFT on their little ones :headbang: HFT made sure to buy a lifetimes worth of gear before he goes broke filling the tank on his mega truck, and buying diapers. Interior BC kids only need weed milk, and moose to survive on.

    Stay tuned for the SME TR…..”Get to the choppa”


    @UTAH wrote:

    Sickness, love the video looks deep and stable. A nice break from deep slabs and persistent weak layers I’m sure. HFT congrats on the little one on the way, your smart to get all your riding/travelling in now. πŸ˜†

    Thanks man, it seems you have figured out how to balance the two pretty well. Stoked to be a dad and teach the little grom everything. Definitely trying to get a good season this year as next year will probably be a 50% reduction in shred, with little out of state travel I’m guessing.

    As far as me being fast on the skintrack, I regularly get smoked by my counterparts. During our week at SME we were just trying to keep up with the guide who was breaking trail… 😯


    Totally jealous RonDon :thumpsup:

    As you know my season was a joke this year πŸ˜₯ the stoke way down.

    So seeing this gives me hope that a flatlander can still get a few turns in from time to time :drool:

    On the plus side the surf has been good to me lately on the super pond

    Give me a shout when your back in town and we can :drinks:


    DannyBoy…. you know your welcome along on the missions anytime! It seems like forever ago we were shlogging sleds across BWCA lakes in pursuit of ice brookies.

    I saw a zone on the way to BC that’s begging Hoen, you, and I to base camp and rip the shitz out of next winter.

    Slay the frigid superior tubes! I gotta get out there and learn to surf.

    Give me a ring homeeeee…. got your Oro, meng :guinness:


    @SPLITRIPPIN wrote:

    Dave and Adam took off like freekin rockets once the track was in.

    That’s just the little big man syndrome kickin in!

    No worries on the bailing. I fully wanted to bail with you guys but being that the sketch in question came along with my buddy Rich, I stayed aboard. It is the reason I am usually quite picky on who I go out with. Sorry to say it but I totally checked out your TRs before I responded to your message! That guy was a friend of a friend and I trusted that he would be smart. I did let Rich know that it wasn’t cool bringing a loose canon. Hopefully a lesson was learned.

    I hope to rip with you guys in the future. If you make it out next year Vince, Adam, and I will show you the real goods! You guys are definitely worthy. Till next year my American brother :doobie:

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