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    So yesterday, I skinned out to Hellbrook (Stowe/Mt Mansfield), and near the end of the descent I noticed a small branch was between the two halves. I looked up at the nose of the board and saw that the Voile tip clip had broken off and I was now snowboarding down with a split nose both independently flopping around in the snow. I am sure this same freaky thing has happened to a lot of riders.

    Clearly this is bad for future touring so I’ll need to replace the tip clips. K seems to make better ones than V, so I’m planning to go with those. Simple enough. But I am not a DIY guy, so here is my question. Do I need to reinstall the rivets? And if so, what tools do I need to install rivets?

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    Never seen that happen.

    I have used both and one is not better than the other. I would go with whatever is cheaper. As for install I know that the voile ones come with some rivets that can be installed with just a ball peen hammer. I prefer to use a regular rivet gun and proper rivets for a better install.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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