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    I sort of found your Instagram profile roundaboutly by tagging #splitboard on some of my images. There are some really good photo’s being posted. I like seeing all of the big pow shots and views from the top.

    A couple more cool, feeds:

    @mtnapproach the approach ski make (not splitboarding but still backcountry snowboarding) They get out all the time and post images of snowboarding.

    @jonessnowboards is Jeremy Jones, he’s good for epic spine photo’s and #ihearthovercrafting

    is the binding company.

    @lifelinkbctools makes shovels, probes etc…

    My buddy @buckowalker lives in Chatel, France and posts some sick snowboard photo’s, they’ve been getting hammered this season it looks like.

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    I’ll start following a bunch of people when I get home from work and have cell coverage again. In the meantime feel free to check out my IG feed @jasonspeer. I usually put up lots of mountain shots in the winter.

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    First post here. Living in Juneau Alaska, follow me for some splitting shots of the area @jaylphoto

    Looking forward to getting more familiar with this forum. Cheers!


    I decided to be be private, but I will let anybody follow me! I got my username from a skier friend…. I’m


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    Cool! Added you all. :bananas:


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    Shots of Jackson, teton pass, grand Teton national park, and biking, ww kayaking, fishing, hiking in the summer

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    Ima follow everyone, been lurking for a while. You can find me @bryman78


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    Just followed you back bryman78 :thatrocks:


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    Ola… Find me @Powderpanda

    Goin’ through this list and adding…

    "It is better to go riding and think of God, than to go to church and think of sport." Fridtjof Nansen


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    @rangerbindings will post updates from the shed and the mountains all summer.

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    promise i will upload some stuff 😆

    Adam West

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    promise i will upload some stuff 😆

    Adam West

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    Hopefully ill post some exciting stuff.

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    @splitboardmag is our official instagram!

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    Nothing on now, I had to get a cracked version for my BB.

    Hope to get some good SoCal stuff on it this winter.

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    It’s good stuff gang I’ve been seeing some great stuff from everybody here on IG. It’s my intention to be more active on this forum with the coming season but we’ll see.


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    Hey guys follow me at @gavan_jph

    I’m on the Antarctic cruise in November and hoping to be posting some jizz worthy pics :drool:

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    Hey all, new here..think I’m following/followed by a few of you!

    will try and find the rest of you!

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    looking forward to some good pics!

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    i can be found @janine_oliver

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