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    It’s funny how I find myself always wondering what’s around the corner, and then finally going to explore the other side of that corner to find something really sweet and untouched.

    Slept in and went up solo to explore what was around the corner last Saturday. It was a near perfect day, so I talked some friends into going back up there with me the next day.

    Nice to know these guys were already on the scene doing training.

    So I’ve skied (ridden) some lines on lookers left before, and today was the day to go check the bowl far back lookers right.

    What I found just around the bend, NICE POW, and fun terrain! A lot of aspects weren’t skiing good, but this place holds the fresh pow fairly well.

    From the top of the bowl looking down. Snow was a bit wind effected on the top 1/3rd, but got much nicer the further down you got.

    I ran out of daylight to carve this aspect on Saturday, but made sure we skied it on Sunday.

    My buddies practicing their powder 8 turns

    Skinning back up for more laps.

    Skinning out, and looking back on our tracks. Fun stuff for sure 😀 We also skied the bowl and the kind of secondary bowl below and to the right, but didn’t make any extra laps for the bowl. The wind was so bad that I even ended up with a little frostbite on my cheek 😳 -it’s all good now though. The bonus to this place is the easy accessability, and quality turns on different aspects. I’m already thinking about hitting it up again this wknd if the wind is managable.

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    😯 Now thats steep! 😉

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    Looks pretty good, and like THESYSTEMSPLIT said “steep”. Does this mean you will be pushing on and going around a few more corners? It makes me want to skin just a bit further now to see what may be around that next bend.


    Sweet steepnes… I like to tilt my camera 35degrees too! Let’s people know you were drinking MtnDew LOL 😉

    rky mtn srfr
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    haha, yeah steep 😆 The real reason I tilted it was because I had my fixed length 35mm lense, and that was the only way I could get all the aspects we skied into the frame. I did make sure to include a pic of basically the same terrain that was shot level to show the real grade though.


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    Nice Day!
    I’ve been riding that area for ten years, and there is a ton of great and varied terrain accessible from that trailhead. You can yo-yo all day, build a kicker or just feed the Grey Jays.
    There are excellent sheltered snowdrifts in the trees/meadow below the slope on the left in the first photo-great for snowcamping.
    In 1998 we camped there in April for a weekend. It snowed 18″ overnight. Nobody made it up the road that day, and we couldn’t be happier with our solitude.

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