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    I will be in San Francisco next weekend (April 12/13). I really want to get out and splitboard, and I’ve come up with two options.

    1.) Head to Tahoe and climb Twin Peaks, etc.
    2.) Head up to Mt. Shasta for a major climb.

    The only guidebook I have to go by is Dawsons “Wild Snow”.

    Does anyone want to show me around?

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    I may or may not have the weekend off, I’ll know by tomorrow. If I do I’d be glad to show you around. As far as your options, Shasta would likely be a really big trip to bang out in a day, especially if you throw in the drive from SF. As for Tahoe, Twin Peaks is not really that great of a choice. Probably best to hit Tallac or Jake’s, two classics with amazing views and variety of terrain, as well as easy access.

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    Yay! I’m glad someone can show Luca some hospitality. I don’t think I’ll be around that weekend otherwise I would have volunteered. I hope you guys get some great snow!

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    I’m not sure what my schedule is for next weekend. If I can break away from the family I can show you some lines here on the So. Shore.


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    After spending the weekend in Silverton and talking to some Tahoe expatriates, I have been pointed toward Tallac. I plan to rent a car in SF and drive out to South Lake Tahoe and find a motel room, then hit Tallac first thing in the morning. I’ve been informed of multiple lines from mellow to the gnar…so I figure I’ll make the decision while I’m up there.

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    Cool, hopefully you’ll get some good corn. Even if the snow isn’t spectacular, certainly the views are! 🙂 Maybe you and ricorides should hook up. Have fun!

    BTW here’s a link with some good beta on Tallac:

    Note that if you end up parking at the sno-park, you need a sno-park pass.

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    luca, pm me if you wanna hook up. our tentative plan is to get a fairly early start friday morning. we’re driving down from truckee.

    uhh, btw, aren’t you still recovering from your big air fun in the park?

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    Two weeks ago I rode most excellent corn on South Ramp with Liketoride, TEX, and BloodSweatSteel from TGR. Hopefully you guys will find the same.

    We climbed the usual NE ridgeline route accessed through Spring Creek Road off of hwy 89. We snacked on the summit and then headed down to look down the cross couliour before continuing south to the South Ramp bowls. Be a little careful because the first little bowl south of the cross actually drains to the East Cirque which starts wide but has some teeeny little exits. The next big bowl is South Ramp and then the furthest south bowl is Cathedral Bowl. On that trip we hooked North after the obvious flat at the bottom of the bowl and then skinned/schwacked back North to the car. It was a fun tour and the exit wasn’t tooo bad. Try to pick up a track and stay on Tallac’s flank because the drainage eventually heads too far East, I think.

    I forgot my camera on the last trip, but you can see pictures from a trip I did with Liketoride (include the most awesomely fun wet slide ever) right here:

    The first pic is of Jakes, but the rest is all Tallac. In this trip we hiked all the way in to the South Ramp area on the Summer Mt. Tallac trailhead rather than taking the NE ridge up and over the summit. You can find another great resource here:

    The mountain’s kind of puzzle until you’ve climbed around on it. Have fun!! There are tons of options up there.

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    I’m up for Tallac on Sat. as long as the weather doesn’t make it too sketchy. Right now NOAA is calling for a high of 67, with mountaintop temps not falling below freezing from Thurs.-Sun. An early start will be the way to go.

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    Well, I could have called it: all flights out of Aspenare cancelled today. 😡

    F’ing lame, man. And to think I was in Denver all week, and I could have just changed my flight to depart from Denver, but CORPORATE wouldn’t shell out the $100 change fee!

    I was really stoked to hit Tallac. I was even more stoked to meet some of you Sierra Split-Heads. Bummer. 😥

    On the bright side: conditions will be epic in the Rockies this weekend! If anyone wants to come up here and hit Ski Hayden peak, let me know.

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    Bummer you can’t make it. I rode some primo corn today. I’ll be in CO at the end of the month, hopefully riding some pow. Might have to meet up for one of your epic excursions if the timing is right.

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