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    Hey all,
    So I did the testing at Montana State that I was talking about in my other posts. Thanks to John Parker, aka JParker on this site, for helping me out. I did a straight pull up test to make sure that the construction is up to snuff.
    Board and binding set up in the Instron testing machine:

    John Parker likes to give the finger in pictures:


    Basically this test is a showdown between the pucks and the binder. The pucks have shown that they’re bomber enough, you don’t hear too many people complaining about breaking pucks out there. Therefore, if the binder is strong enough to break the pucks without damage then it makes the grade. If the binding breaks before the pucks do, then it’s back to the drawing board.

    Well it’s a good day, the bindings won the match:

    This means that I’m that much closer to production with these. I have a few manufacturing tweaks to figure out, but this was the big hurdle that I was lying in bed thinking about. You can watch a quick video I made of this test here:

    I’m off for a bikeride and beers, it’s been a good day!

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    Punk rock, congrats!

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    Good work.

    Those bases look quality.

    affix snow
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    Bomber for sure….but damn that music was awful!!! 😀

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    Man affix ezee tiger gets me all fired up, but my girlfriend hates it too. Maybe next time I’ll use “bitches in my britches”, where’s your podcast feed bro? Oh well, I’m an engineer not a videographer. Thanks for the bomber compliment.

    affix snow
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    Just playin’ round!

    Seriously though, if you are breaking pucks you have larger problems….or a machine. Looks great!!!!

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    Will, looks like you may have resolved my only issue I have had with the Voile system. The back tab on the slider plates has busted on me twice. The second time actually may be an issue with my new split (I hope not) but I haven’t had time to fully investigate. I will say that in either case, the plates had between 60 and 120 days on them. So it’s not like I am saying they aren’t durable.

    Your design looks way more bomber though.

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    John Parker likes to give the finger in pictures:

    It’s true.

    I thought it was pretty good breaking shit music myself.

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    Hi Will,
    Thanks for your pioneering work! I’m hoping that I will be able to purchase a pair of Ignition bindings for my new split. Will your first run accommodate a size 11 boot? My boot measures 12 3/4″ by 5″ at the widest spots.
    Cheers, tRoy

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    Dang, that’s a big boot! I think you’ll want the xl that I’ll come out with later on this year as this binding would be too narrow, and you’ll have too much toe overhang. I ride a size 9 burton driver x, which is 11.75 x 4.63. I’ll check the binder out with some different boot sizes and post a max size. The max boot width for the current sheetmetal is a hair over 4.75. Length is more fuzzy, probably 12.25 or something like that. The max might be a narrow and short 10.5 boot before you want the xl. I’m hoping to offer several widths so people can use a binding that’s as narrow as possible for touring ease, rather than just making freaking wide baseplates like alot binding companies.

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    Hmmm, I am a size 11 foot… 😥

    el diablo
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    Right now I am taking a properties of materials class and it is sooo nice to see a testing machine used for something other than just pulling a rod apart or crushing a core. Nicely done.

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