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    I hate where my mind initially went when I read your post and the cross post that you linked. I’m hoping there is not someone buried or fallen in somewhere. Maybe they are just not as good of a pack packer like OCD and they just went off without half of their splitboard. I’ll try to be an optomist and hope that is it.

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    You know, I did that once at Gaylor. It was sucky, but funny as hell. Luckily the corn made it easy to follow the single, yet wide, ski track halfway down to where it was stuck in a tree …

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    A guy over on Bomberonline lost a K2 approach ski on Hood, into the steam vent, I believe. If you find it, he may want it back! Otherwise monk151 might be splittin’ a couple of 192 Tankers, his and mine. 😆

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    “He’s skiing on ONE ski!!!”

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