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    Alright im sure this issue has been addressed but it in the short amount of time ive been on i havent found it.

    What do you guys do when your skin starts to cling to snow thus adding weight to your ski and forcing you to lift it because it no longer slides? It doesnt happen all the time but when it does its a pain in the ARSE especially when im pulling a sled/pulk. :nononno:

    Ive thought about getting the G3 alpinist skins in the hopes that this will not happen with them as it does with my tractor skins. any advice would be appreciated.

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    Wax your skins…

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    Black Diamond makes Glop Stopper, a purple rub-on wax for skin plush.

    To make it last longer you can in fact melt it into the plush with a waxing iron. So far I have only rubbed it in.

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    I did this last week in Silverton, and it worked awesome, minimal icing. The week before it was ridiculous without hot waxed skins. I also carry it on my pocket as well, but once it starts you are almost screwed beyond control in my experience.

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    I had problems the other week (in spring conditions), and MattH suggested hot waxing. Once this was done there was virtually zero ice/glopping up – seemed to have more general grip than before also. This was with Tractor skins.

    Friend MattH was out at the same time with G3 skins and those were performing exactly the same – icing/glopping up when not waxed, but virtually zero ice/glopping once hot waxed.

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    I use the G3’s. They’ve glopped up on me a couple of times this winter.

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    I use wax before to go for ski. It protect skin from freezing. Mostly snow surfer use it to keep skin glorious and smooth.

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    NikWax makes some stuff that is really easy to use (sponge applicator) and works pretty well. Used it 3 or 4 times last spring.

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