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    Spectacular ! I have to imagine as great as the pics are they barely do justice to standing in those places & the overwhelming breadth & scope of it all. The potential to explore via kite into the vastness & pick descents as you go is just beyond comprehension. I’ve made up my mind – its going to happen for me. Thanks Savage! Spectacular is such an understatement.

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    Snowsavage, you should have posted that earlier in June.
    I visited Iceland in late June and brought my MTB instead of the boards…
    There was still plenty of snow left then, splitboarding would have been better than mountain biking at that time.
    I heard from locals that it was an above average year for snow.
    So much potential for great corn riding and so few people. In two weeks of seeing , walking and riding over mountains i saw only one set of ski tracks in the middle of nowhere in West fjords from a mountain pass. Never felt so alone camping in the Highlands.
    I will be back for sure.

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    lewmt: for sure, a kiting mission would be super bountiful. I didn’t even get into the Interior at all, which is hard to access and rarely done during winter, but there seems to be lots of flat open snowy country in between the mountains and with a kite you could go in deep and have 100s of miles of terrain all to yourself. Glad I got you motivated.

    Art: sorry – I had extenuating circumstances and wasn’t able get this up right away. I agree that June would have been super good, especially for going after volcanos in the interior. I also agree that there is endless, easy access terrain with hardly a soul riding it. Aside from MagnusIceland and his crew and some observations of tracks around the Troll I didn’t see a single track or another skier for 100s and 100s of miles worth of scouting lines. I never made it to West Fjords, but from what I can tell the bulk of the bc riding takes place there and on the Troll. I hope that this TR does not make a bunch of heads go track it all out now….oooooooops.

    btw, i once saw some videos of stellar looking single track DH trails somewhere around the Akureyri zone. The trails looked beautiful, fast and clean with skinnys and drops. I would be pretty stoked to have a mountain bike in Iceland. I am interested to hear about what you found.

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    There has been an increase in the MTB scene here in the last couple of years. Many who do touring in the winter are starting to explore the country on bikes in the off season and some are even going deeper into biking than touring. In the north there is one decent single track but for foreigners that is perhaps not the ideal thing to do since there are single tracks all over the place, although it might be a fun afternoon and hitting the happy hour and pool afterwards.

    There are different routes around the highlands and the lowlands that are great x-country trails with some unique landscape so the options are many.

    My plan for next summer is to combine a mtb trip with some splitboarding that does however involve a car to haul stuff ahead but there are many areas that are remote and accessible via car but also have nice trails for biking and good terrain to ride.

    Since i am a complete novice on a mtb i cannot give detailed info on any hardcore riding but if anyone has any questions regarding my “backyard” do not hesitate to send me a message.

    And here is a link to some kiting in the Troll peninsula.

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    Looks awesome. Killed it….for an old guy.

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    Cripes! Outstanding! The amount of phenomenal photos is tough to wrap one’s head around. Can’t imagine trying to process firsthand. Not enough adjectives to do it justice. Fantastic and thank you.

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    I am absolutely blown away by your report! I am currently in the process of planning a to Iceland to hike Hvannadalshnukur and do some other touring. I had not given any thought at all to bringing the splitboards. Now I have to re-think EVERYTHING! I am going to re-read your report about a thousand times, share it with my travel partners, and start all over with the planning. Thank you for this.

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    Cool. Thanx to all again for viewing this and thanx most of all to MagnusIceland for being the true Icelandic Splitboard Legend. I hope I helped some people have a a good upcoming trip. Everywhere I have been snowboarding good local people have made it happen for me. We should never take those folks for granted and always return the favors by helping others. Thats one main reason I post TRs.

    SurfaceHore – WTF? Where u at? Wait till u see my next TR and then it will definitely be apparent how old I really am. Top secret shit in the making….

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    Yeah… Thanks, amazing report. I’m now contemplating how to bike tour and split board in one trip; hard to imagine a better conundrum.


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    Incredible pics and TR. Pic heavy, and they’re all amazing. I think I’ve spent longer looking at these, every single one, then any in any other trip report.

    I don’t know why I find the far north so bewitching, especiallly Iceland and Norway, but I do. And camping on grass next to the water and skiing from there is just perfect!

    Thanks for taking the time to put this up, I think I’ll be in touch with Magnus sooner or later…

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    nedrapier – thanks much for taking the time to view these photos with intention. Spring skiing in general has always been a favorite activity of mine – particularly because of the easy dry-ground camping, the stable snow, the good weather, the rushing waters, and the new greenery coming to life. Doing it from the seashore is beyond a special treat and as far as I know this can only be done in the far north (or the far south, but I am not sure one can sleep on grass in Antarctica). I hope you make it north for a few turns someday.

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    Waited for a while to see this TR. Iceland is so in the last 2 years. Thanks for posting my friend, your pictures and stories keep the stoke at 11.

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