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    Hi! I have a venture board with viole binding system. I have a problem when mounting the board together to ride mode. It is problably ice related, because I do not have this problem when I am not on the mountain. I can not get the hooks to fit compleatly into each other even though I try to remove all the ice before trying to mount it. yesterday I tried for almost an hour up on the mountain to get to fit into each other, finally I had to use alot of power get them to fit them into each other. Even though I feel that I have removed all visible ice, I can not think of any other problem. is there something I can spray on to keep the ice off or is there anything else I can do? All help is very much appreciated.

    Matt Wood

    Sucks to spend the money but I am a huge fan of K clips.

    Is your setup new? If so it may “loosen” up a little with time.

    I know allot of people use a silicone or a triflow type lubricant to help with snow and ice build up but I care way too muck about the rivers and steams below to do so.


    When you have the board halves lined up parallel and touching, but the hooks are not yet engaged (the halves are still offset by 2-3 inches), in one smooth but firm motion slide the halves into place. You want to use the momentum of the two halves sliding to fully nest the hooks.

    My Venture’s hooks were the tightest of any board I have owned. I do think they start out this way so that the board stays tight longer. If your hooks nest easily on day one they may be sloppy by day 30. I doubt your problem is ice. Different parts of the board may contract at different rates in the cold making the board fit together slightly differently on the mountain compared to at home. You can ride the board with the hooks not fully nested too, assuming the pucks line up and you can mount the bindings.


    Venture sets there hook up super tight, this is a good thing, as it results in a better riding board. You need to clear the ice off of the inner edge of the split skis before joining things together. Once you get used to doing this it takes very little time-carry a small scraper in your pocket for this purpose.
    Since most good boards, and certainly Ventures, use UHMW (ptex) sidewalls, I like to hot wax the sidewalls-this will reduce the icing problem significantly. Just be sure to scrape off the excess wax and buff out the sidewalls with some Scotchbrite.


    Watch for ice in the hooks themselves.


    @Matt Wood wrote:

    I know allot of people use a silicone or a triflow type lubricant to help with snow and ice build up but I care way too muck about the rivers and steams below to do so.

    Don’t sweat it. The materials that went into your board and whatever mode of transport you use to get to the trailhead have bigger impacts than a bit of residual oil scraping off your board. The leak you take at the top of the climb probably has just as much impact (none) on the rivers below.


    I run into this a lot living in the PNW, also riding a venture. Eventually I found an old card of some type (AAA card, credit card, whatever) got the job done. Give the edges a once over, but make sure the hooks themselves are ice free throughout.

    Participant Always use mine here. Lots of ice build up on edges especially at hooks. Quick swipe of this and done. Gloves stay on.


    Don’t forget that the inside edge is made from p-tex, so I always wax the inside wall when I do the base.


    On days where icy hardware is an issue, tour with the yin-yang hooks swiveled out. As much as I dislike doing this, it keeps ice from gathering over/around the hooks’ stopper pins. You’ll be that much closer to having your board ice-free when you go to board mode.
    My Venture Divide goes together super tight. Great feel when riding but it is kind of stubborn when trying to get it into board mode as there is not much of a margin for ice buildup.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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