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    It ain’t over till its over. Two decent storms in the ‘arctic blast’ category rolled through, leaving us with roughly 2 feet of fresh to appropriately manage. There were many reports that shit was going down in both Little and Big Cottonwood, but we witnessed no such thing firsthand. Here’s a few photos and the video from our run down the Hypodermic Needle and Coalpit Headwall.

    Gotta love the North facing shade on a Spring Bluebird day.

    On our way up, Lisa Falls in the background.

    This is the bottom of Coalpit Headwall.

    “Hey Justin!” haha, gotcha.

    Skier Mark Dropping into the Hypodermic Needle.

    Splitboarder Justin Dropping into the Hypodermic Needle.

    The snow was about this good, top to bottom… Bout 4500′ of it.

    East Face of Lone.. Please somebody do this.. Now.

    Pick your poison.

    Cindi Coming back down the waterfall… We climbed up this thing in an unpredicted storm at 5 or so in the morning.

    And the video.

    And here’s the same video with a PINK FLOYD soundtrack:!/video/video.php?v=511209258700&comments

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    nice work!!

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    Sick! You do this Yesterday???

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    Wow, good job!

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    I did it Wednesday, we were out by 12:30.

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