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    Generally the Hurricane Ridge report is posted early in the day. This is in Olympic National Park, so we have to await the Ranger staff to plow and open the road if they are to do so. Today Mumbles and Chronicles of Gnarnia were to arrive at the lower visitor’s center at 9am and drive up to the ridge to take a second crack at an area that provides good tracks and fresh powder. Nearly a foot of fresh fell overnight and Mumbles left the house for about a 90 minute drive…Chronicles lives in Port Angeles, he got to sleep in a bit…
    Mumbles en route to Hurricane Ridge

    After arriving in Port Angeles at 8:30 the road report was finally updated (yes, as I arrived and I had been calling every 15 minutes along the way). HR road begin cleared of snow, will open at 11. Okay that is some time to kill, so I called Chronicles and told him to spend an extra two family hours at home, then meet me at 11. I planned on just skinning the two lower lake access trails and the five campground loops nearby. There was about 3″ of snow on the closed camp ground access roads, so Mumbles tried to make some fitness benefit of the delay…
    Road closed until 1pm, getting in some skinning

    While passing the entrance booth , my friendly neighborhood park ranger Lynn stated that he just recieved an update that the road would not open until 1pm. CRAP, the place takes 30 minutes to drive up, and closes at 4pm. There is no real value in getting up today as that would leave us only a couple of hours….I called Chronicles and we bagged this trip, maybe we will try again on Friday.

    Hurricane Ridge was a BUST today, 12/26

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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