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    So are you hitting the gym? CrossFitting it? Looking for equipment deals? What are you doing to motivate?

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    I’ve been keeping up w/ my local CrossFit gym. Scored some equipment. And snuck in a longboard surf session at Tormaline La Jolla Beach SD, Cali on a bzns trip. Can’t wait to get my splitboard up there ASAP.

    Matt Wood
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    I went to Saint Marys yesterday, first time in like 15 years. That place is like 6 flags nowadays complete with pay parking. Dirty snow and survival turns with about 500 of my closest friends. Splitboarding seems to be good training for splitboarding.


    by splitboarding. july 13th 2012

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    Lol yes! ^ Hoping to keep the dream alive myself at least one more day. Did you do the NFNWR???
    Right now I just keep fit biking, push ups, pull ups. I’ll start a weight training regiment written by Russman himself involving mostly lower body/core power lifting. I’m skinny as fuck as it is (5’9 140-145lbs). The last thing I need is crossfit or P90x for mountaineering. I need more bulk, power and calories to burn!

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    I have taken a liking to triathlons. They seem to help the entire body in staying fit. I also do a little bit of hiking / trail running. I am so ready for the white stuff to start falling though.

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    Working at a ski resort 6 days a week. By the time winter gets here it will be the last place I want to be.

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    ……….. Splitboarding seems to be good training for splitboarding.

    Nicely stated!!!!

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    Funny, also Russman prescribed…. One solid month of active rest and recovery!

    And I’m overstating for a change with the use of the word ‘active’. Not too hard to motivate to bar-b-q-ing and drinking beer.

    I plan to not board from august 7th-first snow after fall euqinox…

    As for actuall ‘prepping’. maybe some climbing and rope work to get more profeciant. a little ice/seracccing at baker in the fall. reglue my skins. fix my boots. find a couple cheap boards and split them for next year. hike/scout for some cave locations. sew all my socks. set some caches. build a couple bc huts. catch and smoke a winters worth of salmon. grow/harvest and dehydrate a winters worth of veggies and mushrooms…Jerky! berrY season is going be super PHAT!!! this year! maybe make a bunch of huckleberry brandy.
    …. i’m sure I’m missing some.

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    @ale_capone wrote:

    build a couple bc huts.

    Good on ya for that. Can’t tell you how many times my pals and I have tossed this idea around for certain spots around Bozeman, then get “distracted” by summer activities. Let me know if your ideas come to fruition…

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    By drinking margaritas on the deck to forget there is no snow.

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    I move to the jacuzzi and I smack it up, flip it, and rub it down

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    @BBD wrote:

    I move to the jacuzzi and I smack it up, flip it, and rub it down

    Oh no!

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    I like to keep





    and trail running, and swimming, and mountain biking, and backpacking, and yoga and shooting roids!!!!!! Well everything is true except the last part. 😆

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    I’m prepping the same way I always do. Bike, hike, skate, climb, drink, repeat.

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    By splitboarding, of course!


    turns all year dawg

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    two part time jobs. working 60 hours a week. it’s paying off though, lots of gear and savings for the winter. have had one day off since may and that was the 4th of July and was spent putting down pitches at tahquitz.

    oh, and a little surfing and climbing here and there:

    god i can’t wait for fall.

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    As a “mature” athlete, I spend the off season cycling, both road and mountain, as I like the level of fitness which cycling develops, and low level of impact associated with it. I have already had my right knee ‘scoped once, and a fair amount of the cartilage removed/trimmed, so I like to keep my legs and aerobic strong with a s little impact as possible, to save my joints for splitting.

    Additionally I skate a little bit from time to time, for balance tuning, and in the fall, I will incorporate some uphill power hiking on some very steep trails around Boulder to help me transition into Splitboard season: the cycling makes the legs strong, but the rough trail work really helps to stabilize the joints, and work the other muscles which are not really engaged on the bike.

    I also try and get my gear together in the off season, set up new boards, test bindings, fine tune the gear kit, etc…


    As an “immmature” athlete…maybe one of the youngest on the forum, I am preparing by: longboarding, climbing, mountaineering, and mountain biking.
    Climbing and mountaineering help me get used to tecnical situations, altitude, and crampon/Ice axe work.

    Mountain biking is great because it’s aerobic and on the decent it tunes my fine motor skills…(sound like splitboadring anyone?)

    And last, Longboarding, not your typical riding either…true freeriding. I’m talking 35mph+, long distance pushing, and sliding lots of sliding.
    However I also got some turns up at Alta in June.

    Also editing videos…

    Sorry guys, Mostly resort footage as The conditions were scary this winter in the backcountry…but none the less I will have footage for you guys next season

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