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    Sooo, things seem to be dropping off, I wondered how many people were still getting after it and how many are dropping out for hiking and biking and climbing?

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    Still after it out here in Cali. We call this the second season and it’s going off. A little warm this weekend but still worthy.

    ps. I’m finding rocker to be working well in corn. :headbang:

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    Well, I missed out on the whole season so far. I’ll be able to drive starting June 8.
    That’s when my season will begin.
    Can’t wait!

    Please save a small patch of suncups on Shasta for me.

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    I hit up Berthoud Pass yesterday and it want the greatest, so today I went mountain biking instead. I still don’t think I’m done boarding just yet though, I’ll probablly make it up a couple more times.

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    Glad to see other’s are still finding stoke, keep it up! :rock:

    I had been splitting my time between trail running and spring riding up until Wednesday, when after a really big run I came down with pneumonia! :nononno: At this point, if I want to be ready for this summer’s races, I’m probably done. 😥

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    Hard to quit when its still like this

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    Too legit to quit, last week at Baker 2′ of pow:

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    @lewmt wrote:

    Hard to quit when its still like this

    You probably realize this is practically cruel!

    I personally am still getting some….TR from Lassen coming soon…

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    Not dead yet! Until then I’ll be riding (hopefully a long time!)

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    Hell this is practically my favorite part of the season! You’ve got long days, Sierra corn, and… Mo-mart. Powder is overrated. 🙂

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    Powder is overrated.

    Whoahh! Calm down Jimw, calm down

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    aargh, I selected the last option, but actually I’m done on all levels for a while as I just found out that I damaged/tore my flexor tendon on my finger. Probably need surgery.

    I injured it mountain biking going slow through a gully with rocks. I tipped over and put my hand out. :nononno:

    No Shasta for me. but lots of this :doobie: :guinness:

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    ^^^ Bummer man, hope it heals quick. Make sure all those beers are ice cold to help reduce the swelling 😉

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    Trollstigen, one of the most popular tourist roads in this area opens tomorrow.
    Hopefully we will get up there this weekend or the next for a last ride this season.
    Some of the wingsuit flying in MSP “Seven Sunny Days” was done here, at the end of the movie they fly close to the Trollstigen road.

    A couple of photos from end of may 2006.

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    This is my favorite part of the season.
    As long as I don’t break any splits I will be riding well into July.

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    Gotta love the Cascades. I will still be riding into July!

    Hell, around here you can get turns all year round. :bananas:

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    June 7th tasty viddles – still worth getting after – sorry about the crappy flat light photo but trust me it was freakin amazing

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    climbed and rode Mt. Sneffels last week. I will ride until the snow melts off the high peaks, then I’ll get onto the glaciers a little each month until snow comes again out here in Colorado…

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