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    just curious about this. how far/long is your drive to you standard/usual BC starting spot?

    for me, currently, it’s 30-minutes – and it all starts from there.

    if i move back to boise, i will have a 1.5 hr drive typically. out of bounds at the local hill there doesn’t really count. extremely limited.

    that’s one thing i like about mtn. biking. head out my door, and i’m on dirt/singletrack in 5 minutes.

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    My typical day of riding starts at 5:00, leave house by 6:00 to catch the ferry, 20 min. drive to ferry landing.
    Boat leaves at 6:40 and unloads by 7:30, then drive 1.5 – 2 hours to the Mt. Baker area. I don’t get a lot of time if I have to get back that night so parking at Baker saves lots of skinning time.
    I have to hit the road by 4:00 to get the 6:30 boat home (or get the last boat at 8:30) and hope there’s no traffic on 542 going home.
    It ends up being about 225 – 250 mile trip and I get to do this twice a week if I’m lucky. I stay in Glacier quite a bit and it saves a lot of driving, I was thinking of riding today, but I caught the last boat home and didn’t feel like doing it two days in a row.

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    If you live in Jackson, Teton Pass and Grand Teton National Park are both 20 mins away.

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    3-5 hours for me. It’s only 100 miles on the odometer to get to Hull from my house, but well over half the drive time is 4wheeling.
    The vehicle approach times vary depending on the weather/snow levels and how many times I get stuck.
    I got tons of mt. biking right outside my door, so that keeps me sane throughout the work week.

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    2-4 hours from nash-vegas, nh to anything fun in the greens or whites. this should all change next winter….2008 is year of Quit Job Move West, woohoo!

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    man, you guys make me feel really lucky. Here in the selkirks I seldom drive longer than 20 minutes.

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    Kingston WA is the center of long drives to most good locations in the area. I have 1 1/2 hours west to the Olympics if the Nat. Park gate is open. I have 2 1/2 hours to the Crystal Mt area, all by car. I have 2 1/2 hours by ferry and car to Stevens or Snoqualmie passes and their respecitve BC accesses points. Lastly, it is about 3 1/2 hours to the Baker area. Like Refried stated, this makes for a heck of a long trip from my neck of the woods too. The need to take ferries to cross the Puget Sound often make getting a pre-dawn start tough to impossible. I need to move to somewhere in between Stevens Pass and Mt Baker.

    I know many in the CA area post TRs of travel times way longer, so I’m not going to fuss too much about my long days. My time on snow is generally the same or a bit less than the time in the car though. I would like to see the snow time greater than ride time…maybe for my next move I will keep that in mind.

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    I’m about 10 min. from the Pass, 45 min. from GTNP. 5 min. from Mt Oliver. I LOVE WHERE I LIVE 😀 ❗

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    I spend anywhere from $500 – $1000/month on gasoline to ski.

    I’m RICH byatch!

    Um, yeah. Not anymore.

    😆 🙄 😕

    affix snow
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    Screw You guys….

    About 4-4.5 hours to my house in the Daks. From there though, its anywhere from 5 to 30minutes to the trailheads. Not bad once im there.

    About 6 hours to Mt. Washington and Tux in the spring.

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    45 min. to the Pebble Creek backside, you can go as far as you like.
    2 hrs to the tetons and three hours to the sawtooths… Idaho is great, lots of mtns. cheap beer and homely people. Sometimes the snow doesn’t cover all the rocks, but then you get new stuff 😀

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    Eight different trailheads in the Indian Peaks, 45-75 minutes from Boulder.
    None of them require traversing the parking lot called “I-70.”
    (Last winter it was a 5 minute drive to the goods in Boulder. That 4 ft. of snow in town was sweet!)

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    Hmmm. I’m going to leave ‘usual’ in inverted commas!

    Walk from my house to Guildford Station, train to London Gatwick Airport, plane to Geneva, minibus to Chamonix.

    Probably 5 hours if nothing goes wrong.

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    Hmmm,i dunno,like an hour and 45 min to Cameron Pass


    1.5 to 4hrs to go thru dirty denver to I-70 and that whole shitshow. Just depends on how many douches rear end each other that day.

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    Depends on what time I leave

    San Diego to Lone Pine – 5.5 hours without traffic…up to 7 hours with

    San Diego to Mammoth Lakes- 7-7.5 hours without traffic up to 10 with.

    Things to do to avoid Traffic-Leave on a week night after 8 pm leave on a saturday or sunday

    However I am 20 minutes from good surf most days (it does get flat sometimes)

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    Anwhere between 30 to 45 minutes to park and unload the sleds. From there it can be 5-10 miles to the start of the skin or at Paulina the snowmo tow system.

    A good portion of the snowmo trails around here are groomed, so 5 miles at 60 mph….. you can figure it out.


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    Probably three hours for me.

    I can get to some pretty solid biking in less than an hour. About the same for decent* surf.

    *I live in New England. Please spare me the “there’s no surfing in New England” posts.

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    T-anybody who surfs ….knows there is surf in New England. I live in NYC for a couple of years. Its great in New York and gets better as you go north

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    I lived in NY for too many years (and ME. for a while) and surfed the south shore of LI and southern ME for years, nice weather and no surf in the summer, great waves and cold water all winter. I lived on the south shore for years, it was real nice being able to run down to the beach when ever you got the urge to get wet.

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    its 210 mi from my doorstep (in LA) to lone pine. that could take 2.5 hrs driving like a criminal or 6+ hrs if there is LA traffic. Miles after lone pine dont count and yeah my biggest expense outside of rent is gas for road trips. 4 wheeling definitely sucks down the gas and with all time highs of 3.40+/- a gallon, i wish i had an alternative means for transport. nice thing about the la>sierra drive is it can be nuking in the mtns and the drive can be relatively weather free, unless you go up mammoth way then it gets nasty when its storming.

    oh and i guess there are local mtns even closer like baldy and the san gabriel / san bernadino area but im kind of stuck on the sierra 😀

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