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    I’ve had this old Custom 169 in my quiver for about 8 years and only ridden it a few times mostly due to its size and the fact that I have newer boards that fit the bill when needed.

    Seems like the perfect reason to DIY split it, but I worry about the extra length and weight skinning with it. I know I will love the float on the downhill but being a relatively new splitboarder I’m not sure I will like having super long skis to deal with. (Picturing myself tripping all over myself) Does the extra length make much of a difference?

    Really would like to get some use out of this board, but don’t want to put myself at a big learning disadvantage.


    I’m 6′-0″ and 170lbs if it matters, but would just like to know if I should look for something else to split

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    I started splitting this winter and I ride a 169 Odin and have had zero problems skinning with it, plus you will most likely be in a set skin track so they shouldnt cross. My skins are G3 size medium so that means the size is pretty average for splitboards. With your height and weight I think you will be fine.

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    Skiers seem to do ok skinning with their 190 cm skis.

    Since that’s probably not a reverse camber board, you’ll need the extra length for some float anyway. It’s all personal preference though. I would take it out and ride it in different conditions to make sure you will be able to ride it enjoyably before you split it. Personally, I ride a 168 everyday and like it but I’m a little bigger than you and my board is reverse camber.

    If you don’t like riding the board before you split it, you really won’t like it after.

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    Shredgnar – so true, I never really thought about skiiers… why would I? 😉 (Just kidding, I love skiiers). The board is great on a pow day when I stay off the groomers (which is what I plan to do in the backcountry anyway). I ride the same board but newer and shorter (161) religiously and love it too. Thanks for the insight.

    Straightliner – thanks! That’s what I wanted to hear too since I already have it on hand and could be riding on it by next weekend.

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