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    Anyone get their Hovercraft Split yet? I am dying to get it and The House says I have to wait until end of November. Not much snow in the PNW yet anyways, but the new toy factor has me stoked!!!

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    Trying to locate one up here in Canada without much luck so far.

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    I ordered mine from a shop in Vancouver/Whistler area in September (they were apparently already sold out of the Split Hovercraft, so I had to special order mine).

    Anyway, called them at the very end of Oct and the gentleman said that they were currently in Quebec and were on their way out here maybe for Mid November.

    Not sure if that means they are about to start popping up around Canada soon… or if that means just the one shop’s order is in the country. But it has got to be a start, right?


    Disclaimer: I did not actually specify the “Split Hovercraft” when I asked the guy on the phone, I just asked “if the new Jones boards were in yet”… I am just hoping there will be some Split Hovercrafts in the first shipment.

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    Looks like a sick board. The 56 has a 26 waist and a 9.3 sidecut and a 20cm set back! I’d like try it out on one of my local breaks.

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    Has anyone checked to see if they where in stock at or now. Usually house has them but I check between the two if im looking for something

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    Got an e-mail today from the shop where I ordered mine (in the Vancouver/Whistler area) saying that the Split Hovercraft has arrived. So if you still have not found one… now might be a good time to check around again!



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    Arrived, woot! :bananas:

    The first thing you might notice is that the top graphic is skewed. It is centered at the front of the board, but shifted to the left by a full inch at the back… go go quality control!

    I asked myself if I really cared about the alignment of the top graphic and answered: Yes, a bit.
    Then I asked myself if I had any choice and answered: No (I.e. it would probably be 6 months for a replacement).

    Asymmetrical graphics up close. Maybe it will be worth money one day… like a typo on an old rare baseball card? Haha! (You can see it is still in the plastic wrapping at this point, so I didn’t mess with it).

    The tail, in split mode, base to base.
    Note: The top one is not actually longer… I just did a crappy job of lining them up.

    The center, in split mode, base to base (So you can see the camber).

    The nose, in split mode, base to base.
    So you can see the rocker.

    Tail, split:

    Nose, split:

    I have to admit that I bought a 155 Jones Mountain Twin last year and found strange defects in it also, bubbles on the graphics like misbehaving epoxy, cracks showing up in the film top sheet after riding, etc. But I rode the Mountain Twin anyway, and I now consider it to be the most fun snowboard I have ever strapped into. ever. If the defects start to bother me, I will put stickers over them.

    So I still have high expectations for the Split Hovercraft!! But of course the Voile split interface I purchased is on back order… So I can’t actually ride this thing yet… It is just a decoration.


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    If I were you I would ask for a replacement and tell them you will ride that one until it arrives. :nononno:

    I have got to give one of those a try!

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    I rode the solid version about a month ago at a demo. Even on icy groomers, that board is a blast. Didn’t want to give it back. That split is gonna be a blast. I might consider getting one as a quiver board in the future. So much fun charging on that thing.

    Sucks about the graphics but I’d let it go and ride it for a season, maybe see if they can exchange it later. Off center graphics aren’t that big of a deal, as long as the holes line up and work. Once you ride it, you’ll love it and forget about the graphics I swear.

    I agree about the MT twin too. Super fun board, can wait to get some snow to play with it for real.

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    Nice looking board.

    I have to admit I bought a jones last year (non split) and it’s falling to buts, anyway.

    Are you sure your graphics are off looks like they just do a funny down and up thing in the dark bit towards the edge! The word jones seems to be in line.

    Have fun.


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    All the pics of Hovercraft splits online show symmetrical graphics. Just imagine what horrors are lurking in the core construction if their F-it attitude towards the topsheet is any indication.

    I’d want $200 off if I were buying a factory second or blem.

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    @jimcoates wrote:

    Nice looking board.

    I have to admit I bought a jones last year (non split) and it’s falling to buts, anyway.

    Are you sure your graphics are off looks like they just do a funny down and up thing in the dark bit towards the edge! The word jones seems to be in line.

    Have fun.


    just follow the border graphic from tip to tail, its way off

    what a mess :nononno:

    paste the pics on the jones snowboards facebook page, that seems to get their attention.

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    Honestly, I would be more concerned about all the finger joints in the core, rather than a slight offset in the graphics. I would really like to see tip to tail wood cores without any finger joints like that…

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    I’ve got to agree with barrows on this one. The finger joints are definitely a weak point. I work with wood on a daily basis and I wouldn’t consider that a premium wood core, that’s for sure.

    It’s interesting how few deficiencies are coming up with other companies. Everybody I know with a defected Prior payed less than retail for the product. I haven’t seen any Never Summer defects. Venture? Nobody around here rides one, but I haven’t seen anything come up on this forum.

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    I don’t think we’ve heard of too many core issues with Jones last year, so I’m not as concerned with that until we hear about riders breaking them and long term durability issues.

    Most of the issues we saw were related to getting product in customers hands in a satisfactory amount of time and a whole LOT of QA issues. I was hoping that the QA issues would be resolved for the second year, and subsequently purchased two Jones solid boards to replace aging boards mainly on specs and shape.

    It seems this is not the case yet. We’ve already seen a Solution with the inserts drilled the wrong end and now a mismatched Hover split. It almost seems like maybe the two “skis” of that split came from different boards and it is why it does not line up?

    Without riding my boards yet (barely any rideable snow in Tahoe) – I have found a couple of minor defects that I would attribute to a lackadaisical QA process.

    My Hover60 is perfect in almost every way, but for a slight “nipple” on the nose on the top sheet from the epoxy as the board was pulled from the press before fully cured. I can slice it flat with a razor, but a minor QA annoyance rather than a true issue.

    I was also disappointed the Flagship still will have a perception issue due to the wood topsheet allows minor discoloring under the bindings. My board was very dry on the top sheet so I contacted Jones via FB, where they have been responsive. I’ve taken Jones recommended precaution using linseed oil to protect it, but in my eyes, the customer shouldn’t “have” to take extra steps with a brand new board and the board should have a “finished” feel right out of the wrapper.

    While applying my coatings of linseed oil this weekend I also noticed that the top logo was not level by a few degrees. Not a huge issue at all, but again a minor annoyance with a brand new board.

    If they ride as good as the specs look, I’m sure I’ll be happy in the end, but QA is something Jones & Nidecker should be taking very seriously if the brand is to survive long-term. :banghead:

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    I would love to get my hands on one of those hovercrafts or a solution or any of the Jones line really, but wow, the quality control is really making me think twice.

    I’m sad to hear about yet another issue.

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    you guys are starting to worry me that i have made a poor decision ordering a hovercraft split, first off after preordering back in the summertime i found out last tuesday they were unable to meet production and the distributor only sent boards to whistler after contacting the shop in whistler i was able to order one pay the extra tax and the shipping to get it to edmonton. so i feel like out of the woods and still get screwed over…purolator lost the board and doesnt know if it is in edmonton, whistler, vancouver, or calgary.

    if they ever do find it it seems as if it may likely have issues not really what i was looking to have happen for my first split hopefully this is not a bad oomen. hopefully it turns out as im sure there arent many other boards my prior skins i got shipped to me will fit on as they are only 159s…

    fingers are crossed

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    Wow!! Sounds like I made the right choice to cancel my order!! There are lots and lots of choices out there now for a new splitboard and it seems that Jones needs to get their QA process in order. I’m not willing to shell out 7 or 8 bills for mediocre quality, but I will spend a bit more for a better quality board!!!

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    Similar situation with the Solutions last year – and again this year, it seems.

    I was so pumped about the way my Solution rides, that I pre-ordered a Hovercraft Split in Sept from my local Jones re-seller, but have been growing a bit wary from all the talk here (and other sites). I sent off an email to Jones regarding my concerns and it was forwarded several times all night long- I got a firm response the next morning, apologizing for the delays. They acknowledged the problems and said that they have been working on rectifying them non-stop. They promised to set one aside, out of the next batch that comes in, to be sent to my board shop – delivery around the 2nd week of January.

    Definitely a bummer to have delay issues (and production probs!) again this year, but I was actually pretty excited about the customer service. I’ve read about others having probs with their customer service, but I had a total of 7 emails from them, within 24hrs of sending out my 1st email. That, I like!

    Plus, it ain’t snowed sh*t ’round here yet, so I can wait!

    I’ll follow up when I receive the board.

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    Glad I didn’t locate a Hovercraft Split, QC doesn’t look too promising.

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