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    edit: – in light of tough financial times I’m knocking the price of this down significantly for the 2011 season – $6k for the season!!

    Obviously this isn’t the normal kind of thing to see in the Splitboard Swap section, but here goes anyway. I’m new here so if there’s a more appropriate place for it …

    I am lucky enough to own an apartment in the Ski Resort of Las Lenas in Argentina which sees some of the worlds best lift accessed and slack country snowboarding between June and October every year. Unfortunately as I will be spending this southern hemi winter working rather than riding this apartment will be going empty… or will it?

    The house itself is super basic. The resort facilities are far from world class, the lifts are down right archaic… but the beer is good and cheap, the wine even more so, the women are beautiful and the people are friendly (and for the ladies the men aren’t too shabby either I’ve been told)…

    oh and did I mention the insane terrain at your doorstep? Lift serviced access to 1200m vertical runs, in-bounds couloirs that wouldn’t be out of place in Chamonix and a slack country and back country experience second to none… oh and the best part – there’s pretty much no-one here.

    Here’s a few snaps to whet your appetite. Going rate US$6000 (reduced from $7500) for the season (Jun till you want to leave) + bills. Apartment sleeps a cozy 6 or a comfy 4. If anyone is interested in spending the Summer in paradise im me or respond back here.

    For more info see my Trip Report on the 2009 season.

    Slack Country Run (1hr skin access) looking onto the lift accessed terrain in the background – yes it is as steep as it looks

    All this is also accessible from 1hr hikes from top of lifts… not a lot of tracks in sight

    The snow quality is also spectacular

    They also have beer

    And of course the house itself – basic, but functional

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    is this going to be an annual thing? i wouldn’t be able to do it this summer or probably not next, but maybe a few years down the road…. this looks too good!!

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    Yeah – this is pretty much going to be an ongoing thing for the foreseeable future… depending on whether me and my wife can get 3 months off work and use it ourselves of course…

    I figure we’ll only be able to get there every 3rd year or so, so if you ever get the urge for a season in paradise drop me a line!

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    I’m just starting to plan a couple month splitbum trip around Argentina/Chile right now, and my cousin is lookin to join me for two weeks of resort skiing. How much to rent it for just a week or two? Also, are you open to answering some more questions I have about a trip down there in general?

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    At this stage we’re trying to rent it out for the whole season at once if we can – but if we don’t have any luck as we get into May we’ll look at doing weekly ones.

    I’m open to talk about any questions that anyone has about heading down to that part of the world … hell, I’d welcome it – got to be better than working right? 🙂

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