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    create index word_id on phpbb_search_wordmatch(word_id);

    I hope it’s that simple…

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    I have no idea what that means but the forum is working so here is a HUGE thank you tim!!! 8)

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    yep, forum is much faster from my end here (in Japan)

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    Right on Tim.


    Tim-the forum is double posting still in Trip Reports…not too sure what is up. BUT I am super stoked it is at least working. Huge thanks.

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    re: doulbe posts etc: I think there is something screwy in the caching system that Chris has elected to use. (No disrespect — all software has bugs/misfeatures — and I may have fucked it up when I cleaned it out) I saw some weird things happening in other threads and when I get a chance, I’ll look into them.

    Please post any other bizarre occurrences here. At some point I’ll set up Trac or some other means of bug tracking for the site so things don’t fall through the cracks. But for now how about we just use this thread for noting when something is amiss.



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    Thanks ttriche!

    Will do.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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