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    I don’t know how much this affects all you Cali Splitboarders, but it looks like a substantial wilderness area is threatened to become a snowmobilers paradise. I think snowmobiles have their place, but some areas need to stay non-motorized. In Colorado something like 70%-80% of the backcountry terrain has motorized use. If California is much the same, this could be a big deal.
    Here is the link about it that I lifted from Couloir.

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    It definitely affects us.

    Thanks for posting killclimbz. ❗

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    This has been brewing for a while. Instead of enforcing the current restrictions near Leavitt Peak, the Forest Service is going to reward the poachers by opening up the illegal terrain. Consideration must be given to the Forest Service’s dwindling resources due to budget cuts. If this happens, Richins will have to rewrite his “50… Summits” book to replace Leavitt Peak.

    Perhaps my biggest concern is that it gives some ‘bilers (those in the minority who are willing to operate illegally) the idea that if they poach en masse the Forest Service will capitulate and open up more areas.

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    This totally sucks. Although I have not been up there in winter, only summer, rewarding wilderness boundary poachers is not the answer. They have so much terrain to highmark already out there. Buck up FS and do the right thing. I don’t care if hardly any backcountry skiers go up there. I’d even support a total ban of any winter recreation rather than let sleds up there.
    I plan on writing to the FS to voice my oposition.

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