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    Headed out to Hoodoo for the 2nd consecutive weekend and it did not dissapoint. Todd and I arrived in the parking lot just after 7am, and started up. They aren’t open yet, but it won’t be long. Breaking trail wasn’t too bad, but it was several feet deep in places. I was on my Never Summer Titan 164 (the board that doesn’t ride pow 😉 ) and Todd was on teles. After an hour or so, we reached the top to this view of Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Jefferson…

    After a week of snow, the sun came out to play. We were able to make two laps in the blower before several others arrived. Snowpack elsewhere is still thin, so this is where everyone has been going. The snow was sweet, deep and light. Here’s a shot…

    Todd on the teles…

    We met a few other splitters and skiiers before heading down for lap 2. One was Sam from the UO outdoor program. Nice to meet you Sam.

    Headed down to the truck for a beer and some grub, and decided to go back for another round. Skinning this time was quite a bit easier now that the track was packed down like a highway. More pow turns folowed….including this whiteroom shot…

    Right before we headed down (after 5 laps) we met a cat driver who was a one of the most arrogant people I’ve ever met. His name was Ray. Apparently he was upset because he was trying to pack down the “base” and we were in his way. Except we weren’t. But he made several passes at us and roared towards one person and almost hit them – on purpose. He then made it a point to tell several of us that we didn’t belong on the hill. Funny thing was the mountain manager told us we were free to ski anywere we wanted earlier in the day. Thanks Ray, you suck! :doobie: This isn’t typical for Hoodoo staff – every other person I’ve met over the years has been extremely nice. I guess there are a-holes in every crowd. This is why I head to the backcountry I guess :thatrocks:

    Overall, it was a sweet day and excellent snow. Too bad a pineapple express is coming in the next few days :banghead:

    Here’s a parting video shot…


    Daaaaaaamn! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Kyle Miller

    Man that looks good. :thatrocks:




    That snocat driver was just jealous cause he had to sit on his ass the whole time and watch you guys get pow turns


    :drool: – Great stuff!!


    This day was way too much fun.

    It was cool meeting you up there Matt!

    Photos courtesy of Fred Sproat!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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