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    Kyle Miller
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    one of many places I would love to go!

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    Well done!!!! Looks like an incredible trip, thanks for posting!!!

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    Amazing STOKE as usual, savage. You should set-up a pay pal “send savage abroad” account. I know I’d throw in a few bones to guarantee regular stoke like this one, and the Andes, and Japan, and Russia…..oh yah, AK too!!!!

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    Thanks for taking the time to share this. Not enough adjectives to shower on this TR to do it justice. Well said and shown. Stupendous. Cheers!

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    Awesome! That’s one hell of a trip!

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    Awesome. Hands down the best TR I’ve seen, including the narrative.

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    Well done! Thanks for the stoke dude! Kashmir is definitely on my to-do list.

    That was Pontus

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    Well Thank you all greatly for such wonderful comments. They are greatly appreciated. I just want to share the spirit with everyone and keep people motivated to live their dreams! I think everyone and every TR always has something good to contribute here, no matter if its backyard or 1/2 way around the world.

    In response to drpw; who am I? I aint rich and I work 9-5, so no special priveledges. I just always strive 100% to live life to the fullest. I never feel fullfilled in medocrity. All for snowboarding I have put myself in massive debt, never stayed with one woman, and never found a home. 25th season riding and still fully dedicated. So I just try to make extrodinary things happen. Sometimes I succeed and other times I fail.

    and to answer your other question; AndyT set it straight, they speak Urdu, but you would be surprised how much good english is spoken and written there. Much more fluent in english than many other countries I have travled to. I think this may be a result of british colonialism.

    D-Green- yeah you still had a good trip I bet, but we certainly missed you, and Splittrippin: you shoulda pulled the trigger kid!!! but your Canada TR looked sick! nice job!

    Thanks again to everyone for checking it out !!!

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    Thanks for the trip report, so much stoke from it.

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    From the photos to the words on interacting with the locals, your trip reports are just phenomenal! Some day you should compile all the stoke into a book. Great stuff :thatrocks:

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    Amazing TR…. Few of us could ever dream of such a great trip…. Thanks to you, we can at least live vicariously through your experiences there…

    Thanks again for sharing the stoke!

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Thank you for your sense of priorities, (making adventure happen) as well as your very important message/belief/knowledge about the warm welcoming people rather than the news/talk of supposed universal Muslim radicalism!

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    Went digging for this classic…..JVL…ya know after we hit Japan next year….I’m going to convince you to return to Gulmarg :thatrocks:

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    That was awesome! Great TR

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    Dude… Epic :headbang:

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