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    I had similar opinions to Nick at first when I heard about the otterbody descent. However after watching the film I think the style and way it is captured on film is great. Higher is by far my favorite of the three. I think the riding is pretty shitty in all of them compared to almost any other snowboard film out these days, what I loved about Jones in this film was how humble he was and how he just wanted to shred lines that made him stoked. I think the evolution in mindset and skill from deeper to higher is pretty amazing. Deeper was a joke to me, I thought it sucked besides the Cham section. Further had it’s moments, but I feel that higher really captured the stoke and attitude that I feel personally when I’m splitboarding, granted most of my objectives only require

    Anyway kudos to Jones for completing the trilogy and still being alive. thanks for the inspiration over the past 10years and influencing me to not be a park rat like all my friends.

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    @HansGLudwig wrote:

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    The new expected release date is Oct 23rd. Thanks TGR for keeping us all informed!

    ^ this
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    Deeper is what got me into wanting to split

    ^ and this

    January 2 2010: I had just driven 2000 miles with my girlfriend (now wife) from Stephen’s Pass to LA. I updated my status on Facebook and spotted a targeted-ad for either Deeper or (one lead to the other; I can’t remember which).
    I had been “slackcountry” snowboarding for years, constantly in search of that feeling I experienced my first day boarding of moving through three dimensions of powder; I’d skied for decades before and never experienced it.
    A month earlier (Dec 09), I had just discovered a winter route up Blue Ridge from Wrightwood which opened up loads of terrain; and “my list” was born. Suddenly, Pine Mountain became possible. (Of course I had no idea anyone else did this… probably mostly b/c I live in LA!)

    Jones’ introduction to the Deeper trailer was like he was speaking to me…personally. He took the words on my heart, out of my mouth, and uploaded them to YouTube before I had had the chance to act on them. I still get goosebumps watching those first 30 seconds. I had never been affected by an advert so powerfully before.
    And —how blessed was I?— that here’s a community to show me the ropes. I knew splitboarding was the answer and this is the place I had to be.
    I owe a large part of my happiness to Jones’ Deeper project and what it introduced into my life; which is so much more than a film trilogy and fancy snowboard…and I’m kinda looking’ forward to that introspective legacy/family conclusion thing.

    Frack! Is it snowing yet!?

    We may need to meet up sometime. I’m in Las Vegas and I have a friend who just moved to the LA area who is in need of a touring partner. If it’s a good winter we could get some good turns in for desert rats.

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    Jones climbing and riding Mt Timlin to the tune of “Nothing Else Matters” might be my favorite segment of all time.

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    Now it’s scheduled to ship Monday or Tuesday. Of course I forgot to ask which month 😆

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    Just rented the video thru I tunes. It was pretty rad to see the JJ history, tons of EPIC old school riding, he slayed down some crazy shit TEN years ago! As for the riding in this video I thought it was less than impressive, there where some nice classic pow lines and some great areas just not a lot of actually riding.. Id say 20 minutes of the 140 was actually snowboaders riding new terrain, not the classic footage.

    much respect for the love he showed for the 5 victims from Colorado, that hit close to home.

    I personally wonder how he can come with this “I’ve reached my goals and now someone else is going to take over” attitude after a less than awesome run down the shangra la wall. I mean the guy is the fucking shit at riding gnarly stuff, so how could he be happy with himself after the highpoint of the 6 year series is him basically ice axing and side siping down one of the craziest faces he’s been on. That would make me want some sort of rebate for sure!!! :mrgreen:

    Great video to watch the history of Jeremy Jones, Hopefully he doesn’t just stop the rad-ness and keeps getting impressive lines. They kind of made it seem like he is going to put up the board and just hang out in the lodge and watch his kids….

    either way this video series helped me realize the potential snowboarding has outside of the resorts. thanks for all the motivation Jeremy! I hope you’ll keep turning pow forever

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    Just saw that this is showing for free for 24 hours on

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    I like the part where he gets lowered instead of rappelling!

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    Thanks RedBull TV for putting out this video for free! I personally really liked this one, more riding and less history than I expected actually. Sure, a lot of the riding was old TGR footage but whatever it’s riding. All Big line riding at that, not a bunch of jibbing. As far as guides go… I believe that Jeremy Jones is a snowboarder and not a mountaineer, he has never, ever, claimed to be a mountaineer. Get over it. That’s what I’ve liked about all three of these, he’s pretty humble and you can see, hear, and feel his fear. His scared shitless moments are not edited out, but rather highlighted. He’s human, and that is awesome. I also like that fact that they show how long it takes to get one line in as well. Generally speaking, about a month of hell for, hopefully, 10 minutes of bliss (or 45 minutes of butt puckering madness). And as far as giving up the throne? I thank he’s saying “you can have it” and it’s in the Himalayas, everything else is played. Just my opinion though. So I say watch it, it’s worthy!

    If you want to see bat shit crazy unguided ski mountaineering, then Downside Up is the movie for you. Tempting Fear is exceptional as well, but I think JJ has a lot longer life expectancy than those crazy mofos. RIP Andreas, your work was solid.

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    Saw it last night for free on Redbull TV. I liked it. Definitely appreciate the nod to my friends who lost their lives at Sheep Creek. Naming the mountain in AK after Joe Timlin is off the charts cool.

    Ironic how little he actually uses split boards. Jones needs to just buy out Verts and start selling those.

    It seemed to keep my attention pretty well the whole way through which says a lot.

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    @D-GREEN wrote:

    If you want to see bat shit crazy unguided ski mountaineering, then Downside Up is the movie for you. Tempting Fear is exceptional as well, but I think JJ has a lot longer life expectancy than those crazy mofos. RIP Andreas, your work was solid.

    Indeed, both worth seeing!
    Still, super scary…

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