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    Longtime lurker, first time poster.


    love the site, great info and the TR’s rule. I’m a transplant here from the mtnbuzz community, got referred from some peeps on there awhile back. I’m also a longtime rider but am still tryin to get my first split. I now have a NS legacy 66 that I’m thinkin about havin split. Does anyone know roughly the cost I’m lookin at for this? I’m sure I’ll also have ?s about setups, preferred equipment and other bit’s and pieces when I’m actually able to afford more shit. I know there’s some quality splitters here, I figured tappin you guys for info might get me motivated to get started with the process. I’m tired of ditchin out on my crew, cant keep up wearing snowshoes, might as well wear some italian made concrete loafers.

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    I now have a NS legacy 66 that I’m thinkin about havin split. Does anyone know roughly the cost I’m lookin at for this?

    there is a shop here in town that splits boards. the rates are as follows, but i’d suggest to keep your business local if that’s an option. $100 to split a solid board; $150 for split kit hardware, pucks and whatnot; $150 for skins. crampons cost $75.
    total w/out crampons = $400. w/ crampons = $475

    avi education = priceless 😉

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    werd, thanks man.

    I wanna get it split here in CO. A friend of mine actually took me down to the factory and intro’d me to one of the guys there, who i got it from. This all came about cause I snapped my burton deck then got hooked up with this NS. I had intended on buying a friends used NS split. Turns out the good people at Burton warrantied me and sent me a new 06. So now I got two new decks and think i should just split the one i already got. Any of you guys know how much NS charges to split their boards?

    Other question is, and I know this is usually a hot topic, but what about boots. Whats the general consensus with ya’ll-hard or soft? I know a hard boot makes sense typically but It looks like the hard boot stylie is akward and I’m worried about it not jivin with my riding style….any comments on that??

    Bindings? Do you feel riding or touring rather, with the standard missions is fine or anyone recommend upgrading to lighter, stiffer, $$$ier?

    Shit, it’s a sunny saturday up there and I’m stuck down here!! I’ll be damned if i’m goin up to the resorts……I need to get this thing put together asap 😥

    thanks for any info again, i’m helpless

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    Welcome FT! 8)

    No real advice to offer other than to just do it. 🙂

    Split that sucker and start riding. That is all.

    Don’t worry about fancy boots and bindings or this and that. Just get that thing split and use your existing boots and bindings. After a couple of tours you’ll know what needs to be changed.

    Good luck and happy splitting! :mrgreen:

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    i had a NS legacy 166 and almost split it, but decided it was just easier to sell it and buy a used split. only cost me about $300 more, which is about what you would need to put into a DIY.

    with that said, that board would make such a killer split, and i wish i kept it and split it as well as buying the burton factory.

    if you dont want to ride hard boots, dont. lots of people dont, soft boots work great.

    i have extremely heavy bindings, but i still have fun. when they wear out, i’ll replace them with some nice light ones, but they work fine for now.

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