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    Has anyone upgraded their old Burton split deck to accomodate the Voile interface? I imagine you have to replace the touring brackets and drill a couple holes. I’m seeing a lot of old interface Burtons on ebay. Not sure why someone would pay hundreds for an obsolete interface unless you’re planning a conversion. Buyer beware I guess.

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    i plan on converting my burton without drilling any new holes. i can be done, you just have to make a few things. i will update my thread about it when i get it done in about 2 weeks.

    i am going to try and sell my burton interface when i do this too. if i was sticking with the burton interface though, i would deffinatley buy some spare interfaces. i think with a few spare interfaces burton users could continue to use the burton setup long enough until all boards drilled for this interface are dead.

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    Don’t forget about good ol’ “SEARCHâ€Â

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    to be honest, i dont really want to make any more of my conversions than maybe 1 or 2 extra. i just dont really have the time to make a bunch of them. but if i think it would be great if someone else (bcr?) made the same product, i think there is deffinately a need for it.

    hopefully i will get a few of the blocks milled out in the shop this afternoon or tomarrow, but i still need to order all the voile hardware before i can start converting my board.

    thanks for the link to the other thread, bcr. that is the thread that gave me my idea, and i plan on copying the idea of the carbon “adapter plates”

    it looks like the adapter plate that holds the heel lifter may interfere with the crampons in fixed mode. maybe i will use counter-sunk screws instead of button head…

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