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    I am 135 lbs and usually ride a 155 board. Now that I want a splitboard I am very nervous about choosing one. I would like that 178s but I think that is just too big for the trees. Would the 166 fit me just right?? Or would the 161 mtn gun be my best bet.
    My buddies ski in San Gorgonio every year…so any local help would be great.

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    I’m 160 lbs soaking wet, 5’11”, and normally ride a 162, and my split is a 165. My bet is the 161 or 166 would be fine for you. If you get the 178 you will probably be pretty much limiting yourself to big wide open pow lines.

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    178cm sounds too big.

    I’d look at 161cm-168cm depending on your plans for the board.

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    Dude, you weight 135lbs, no way you need anything over a 168. I’ve never ridden down south but I’d guess your gonna ride tons of trees and steep chutes. I’m 6’0 195lbs and ride a 170 split and I wouldn’t buy anything bigger than a 171 (i.e. Mtn Gun) unless I moved to alaska or another place where most of the riding is above tree line.

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    I am 140lb – 5’9”, I allso ride a 155 on a lift and I ride a 166 split and I love it. I would not go any bigger with your 1st one. Yess I said first once you get one you will wont more.
    Hey its good to be back in the lower 48 Whats up ALL!!!!

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    Welcome Frand004, I have been looking for someone to carpool with. Seems like there are 3 of us splitters in San Diego. I would shoot for a board as close to what you ride now. I dont agree with the thinking of going bigger. If you follow the people on this site you will be dropping steep chutes. This means jump turns. You will be able to get plenty of speed and you still will want the short radius for quick turns. And might I suggest us down southers host a San G. trip this winter. All of the S.C. crew and the bay area crew and the shasta crew and the Utards all should meet . Maybe we can get the wyoming/ idaho/ colorado crowd to come too.

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    I am 5’10 130lb and ride alot of trees my 159 split decision works great i normally ride a 157 i would defantly not go to big

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    You folks need to eat more 🙄

    I’m in the 160 range and ride boards from 140-200cm. I look at sidecut depth, radius and effective edge and flex rather then just shear length for a given purpose. Wow- that sounds huffy puffy and doesn’t say a damn thing. :mrgreen:

    My vote- buy what you like and ride the crap out of it. 170-180 is the board size i most find myself on with 165 or less for tight trees and steep steeps.

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