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    Hola splitters,

    Spark R&D has submitted their Fuse splitboard binding to the ISPO annual brand new contest. ISPO is the International Trade Fair for Sports Equipment, held for the last 40 years in Munich. The brand new contest is an international competition rewarding innovation and technology in the sports and outdoor affiliated markets. This contest is only open to brands four years old and younger. Spark feels strong with about their new Fuse binding, and would be stoked for some support from their friends at Let’s help Spark take the victory! You can check out their company video and rate their product through the link here:

    After watching the video PLEASE rate it! That’s what Spark needs.

    Realted link:

    You can check out the other products in the contest here:

    Thanks again for you support and interest in Spark R&D! :headbang:

    Here’s the embedded video as well but don’t forget the hit the link to rate!!!


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    It’s almost insulting, some of the ‘innovation’ that is being considered alongside something like the Spark Fuse. I mean c’mon, there’s a horrible looking rideshare site, some (awful looking) hats playing the green/sustainable card, a glorified bandana with an airhole cut in it :thumbsdown:

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    You’ve got my vote Wil, best of luck buddy!!!!!!!!!

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    Done. The fuse was in the lead earlier: good to see.



    Edit: Hmmm. The Flip Flop is gone. I swear it was there a minute ago at the top with 6.4. :scratch: Still, we shouldn’t be complacent, you never know what sort of member list they’ve got over on the forum…

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    Paging Storn…new summertime sport splitfloppin’? Yay/nay?

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    Comments about the current leader:

    Love it so much!!! is new, fresh, quality materials, unique,detailed..everything you would want..cant wait to see them at my local shops in Austria

    Solid team!

    For a young company these guys have so much potential starting at such a high level – down the road they will be pumping out some sick stuff!


    markku is on the team so that already sais it all. This shit is on!

    GO VIVO!

    Forget Comparing it to Coal…. Vivo is on it own level…….So good!!!!!

    vivo is the new coal

    Good to see a fresh company with Quality

    It’s a hat.

    Not wanting to piss on anyone’s chips, but this is an “Innovation in Sports” award. It’s a nice-ish hat I guess, but is it really innovative? or particularly sporty?

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    Done! If the Sparks don’t with it will be a travesty!

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    done… best of luck… great product

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    Voted…sending good vibes to Will and company, they sure as hell deserve to win!

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    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
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    @nedrapier wrote:

    Not wanting to piss on anyone’s chips, but this is an “Innovation in Sports” award. It’s a nice-ish hat I guess, but is it really innovative? or particularly sporty?

    Exactly what I was thinking….

    Its A HAT!!!

    “Dont compare us to Coal”…..”We are the new Coal!” No, you’re just dumb.

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    The dumb-bell jack off bar bell got nominated??

    I love all the Euro stuff in there… I always get a kick out of going to Austria… where oom pa pa music, Bryan Adams, and David Hasslehoff are still NEW.

    Wills goods are like comparing solar energy to a campfire.

    Will if you go to Europe… you have to rock some Leiderhosen! :clap:

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    A heads up – turns out you can vote for each item… I cast my spark vote, then tried to vote for it again and got denied. But you can go back and vote for hats and skateboard brakes and other silliness. Just make sure you get the biggest bang for the buck and vote them zero to get the average down!

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    Ok, Spark is neck and neck with this:

    There are no words.

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    Hey guys,
    Thanks for your support and all of the great comments. Voting ends in about 25 hours, if you haven’t had the chance to check us out yet please do so here: You can check out the other entrants at this link: – some are pretty interesting, and some will definitely crack you up!


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    sparks are neat and all, but this guy should win it,,, hands down!

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    Hey all,
    Thanks for your votes! Voting ended on Monday and we were in good shape. We should find out the final results pretty soon. Pow for all of you!

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