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    Argh! I have been scouring hardware stores here in seattle looking for someplace with a stash of M6 (metric) t-nuts. Most places don’t have them, when they do they have maybe 10 (need 32). Any of you DIY types have a source?

    I’d love to find stainless if I could – but zinc coated will do in a pinch I guess. Not sure if they will have rust problems or not. At this point I am getting tired of looking. Thinking I might even use the plate-nuts from my old Voile binding setup but I am afraid they will spin out because they don’t have any prongs.

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    Hey there, I also spent a few days and went threw dozens of hardware stores to find M6 hardware with no sucess. I ended up just getting standard bolts and t nuts… I wanted to use some old binding bolts i had lying around, but it didn’t work out. Also, when going with standard hardware, you might have to take a countersink bit to the voile pucks to get them flush enough. I had to.
    hope that helped a little.

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    Have you guys tried Voile? They’re awesome about helping to get you on your board.

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    Monk came through with some for me. He is the man.

    I found some at a stoneway hardware here in Seattle but they only had about 8 in stock.

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    To bring this one back from the dead, has anyone found a online source for these?

    I have 3 boards lined up to cut and would like to use the right parts. If I can’t find the m6 nuts I’ll try to contact voile. The next step would be to use standard nuts.

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    I’ve got plenty – Stainless steel $.45 each. If your interested, PM me or send an email to with your shipping info.

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