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    I have a Burton…. I love the board it rides great but I am becoming more and more frustrated with the Burton attachment system. The round binding to board interface keeps getting jammed with ice on the climb and its a biaaatch to get it back together on top of the hill. All I want is to transform and roll out.

    I am toying around with the idea of trying to find Voile attachment hardware and giving a go at making it work that way. Is there such a thing? A Burton S-serie with Voile the attachment system? A true hybrid!

    Any ideas? I’d love any suggestions anybody might have who has dealt with the same Burton problem.


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    This year’s Burtons use the Voile System, so that animal does exist. 🙂

    Also, there was a message in a different category about how to make the Voile pucks fit an older Burton board, sorry for no lnks, but it’s out there. You should definitely go for it!

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    take a look what “jack” did! imho the perfect solution:

    but there are some more ideas about this around here … just search.
    maybe the one of bigboater:

    otherwise you can use teflon-spray for the original burton-interface. it helps to provides icing a litte bit…

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    If you switch to the Voile system you can sell me the burton interface. I loved it and never seemed to have a problem with ice. I would just hose down the board and bottoms of the plates with silicon spray every other trip or so. Switching to the Volie system was easy if you are slightly mechanically inclined. My version of the switch is a lot more low tech than Jack’s, but works great. All I used was a drill and, table saw and good plastic.

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    Hey Gus, do it, you won’t regret it. Check out Burton boards under the ‘Reviews’ section. There’s lots of info there on switching out Burton interface to Voile.

    Hey bigboater, I’m your girl. I got a whole burton interface in perfect condition (except the touring brackets) collecting dust on my tool bench. Good riddens.

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    Gus, is this only in the backcountry? I was having the same problem and I loosened the screws that hold the rings in , put my board together using the tip clips and ying/yang clips .I them tightened the rings so the edges were lined up perfectly. The problem for me was one ring was about 1/64th out of line. Might as well have been an inch. Once I re-aligned the rings all has been well

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    Wow. I love you guys. I really think I do. All of my problems just got solved… like twice. This is gonna be a good weekend.

    Thanks, Gus

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    utahgir, I’d be happy to take the plates off of your hands if they are the updated type with the more stabalized pins. PM me with your demands. Glad to help Gus. What was the solution?

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    Patroller420, I had the exact same problem when I first got my Burton. Solved it the same way too. That’s interesting, must be a factory problem.

    However the best solution I ever had was finally scrapping the whole interface 😉

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    I think I’ll try patroller 420’s method. I loosened all the rings today and realigned the mounting hardware. It was definately off and needed adjustment.

    I also took the Silocone spray hint. I was thinking about Pam Spray but I think the silicaone was the ticket.

    I’m plannig on heading out into the Wallowas in the morrow. I’ll see how the adjustement/lube job worked.

    This is gonna be a good weekend.

    Thanks, Gus

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    Which teflon spray do you use and where do you get it?


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