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    Hi guys, I’m looking for a splitboard for my boyfriend so he can come splitting with me and not be stuck on his slowshoes. I don’t have a big budget, maybe up to $500, but I thought I’d throw this out there and see if anything good comes of it.

    I need something suitable for coastal pow in big open terrain. Ideal size would be 165-170, but a little bit to either side of that range would work. If you can throw skins in with it, that would be even better. Oh, and obviously you have to be willing to ship it to Alaska.

    Thanks! :thatrocks:

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    Your boyfriend is one lucky bastard!

    Good luck with the search

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    I have a Prior Spearhead 166 I’m thinking about selling. Not sure yet… The price would be $550 plus shipping though (includes skins and hard wear)

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    I have a 165 Lib Tech Emmagator that I haven’t ridden in split mode. I split and sealed it and that’s it. It’s hella fast and handle’s killer in the deep. It’s just a bit big for me and I feel bad looking at it everyday, knowing it could see more love from someone else.

    I gave it a Jones style magnatraction split cut so it will grip better while side hilling.

    IM me if you’re interested. $150

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    Hey guys, thanks for the responses, both here and in private messages. I’m a bit shorter of funds than I thought I’d be, so I decided to put this on hold and got him new running boards for his snowmachine and some new goggles instead. I definitely want to get him out splitting, so I’ll still be looking, I just have to put it off a couple of months.

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