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    I can’t wait any longer and want to transition from an old voile 159 to a Khyber. Seems like the best bet for Vermont riding)

    1. Any suggestions on size? (I ride a 56 fish and nidecker 162/168 for lift serve b/c hiking). The chutes are much steeper and deeper here than people out west may realize (when you finally find em!), but still lots and lots of glades to deal with….

    2. Any idea where I can get at least a little off list price? $919 on REI is the best I’m seeing.

    3. What about splitting a fish? I’m a little worried it wouldn’t be bullet proof enough


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    what about direct from prior?

    i split a fish, but I only ride it about 1/2 time, for bigger tours.
    otherwise I’m on approach w/ soild fish

    EDIT: just saw they’re $971 USD + ship. sheesh!

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    go to

    and look at the ‘used/demo’ board section…they have virtually all of their boards in various lengths that have been demoed, dinged, whatever…if you’re looking for a deal on a Khyber split, I’d check into that.

    you can also email them. i’ve found them very responsive and helpful.


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    I’m on one tonight. Screw prior. Invest in another Voile, or split your own. Go to a local shop, ask if their are any local pro’s looking to get rid of boards, usually the board they have are 164’s or up brand new, don’t pay 100 or more. Split it yourself with a voile kit. The board I have is 51/50 split by a local pro/friend 250 w/ skins it’s lighter than any board on the market and I got it for nothing. Screw prior and their 1000’s $ boards. This is the Fu***** backountry not Hollywood.

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    Thanks for the suggestions

    The prior website only has a 56 available used/demo – still quite a bit of bucks but the reviews from everyone on the site here sound great.

    I have a 56 Fish I could possibly split….. Is the set up you finish with as builletproof as the presplit board? It would suck to be 4 or 5 hours out and have a technical ruin the day,

    Also,anything special about splitting a fish vs a regular board? Would the regular Voile tractor skins from my split decision work? I have a friend who is a skilled woodworker and could maybe talk him into it.

    Thanks again


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