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    I have Smith “Prodigy” goggles. One nasty white-out day at Vail, my lenses got all fogged up. At the end of the day, I brought them in the house and dried them out. Now there are water spots on them. When I used a buff cloth to try to remove the spots, I found out that they were neither on the outside or inside of the lens, but actually BETWEEN the outer and inner lens. Upon removing the lens from the goggle, I found out that Smith has a second lens set into a rubber-like material around the perimeter of the main lens. I can’t separate the two lenses.

    Any suggestions on how to clean off the water spots?


    Hmm….not real sure actually. Did you happen to blow out the foam/gasket that connects the two? If so they may warranty the lens. I’d give Smith a call regardless, they have good customer service and can probably give you some advice.


    Definitely check into the warranty option. I live in rain forest so moisture is always an issue. When I get any between the lenses of my Oakley’s I set them on my Peet boot drier.


    time for a new lens


    I shelled out the cash for a polarized lens. I wear polarized in all my sunglasses so I figured might as well keep it constant with the lens.

    I love it. The depth detail is just incredible, and the rose color is great in all conditions. Icy spots actually “glow” pink.


    definitely call smith and see what they can do warranty-wise. i’ve warrantied smiths for similar issues and they just sent me brand new goggles. turnaround time was pretty quick. great customer service over there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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