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    Hi, I have been snowboarding in a resort for many years but now I want to get out to the backcountry with a splitboard. I have been doing some research, but I have some difficulties deciding board and binding. As it is a large investment (especially for a student), I want to ask for some advice from someone with experience. I’m looking for a good and solid all-around system to enjoy the Norwegian mountains (some ice and some pow). I have kind of narrowed it down to two bindings and four boards, from what’s available in the store I am planning to buy from. I guess it comes down to brand reputation and available sizes.

    -Burton Hitchhiker (Spark Tesla T1 System baseplate)
    -K2 Farout.
    From what I have read the Burton binding with Tesla baseplate is the better option?

    -Burton Hometown Hero (20/21) 154cm, (120-180lbs, 54-82kg)
    -K2 Joy Driver(18/19) 159cm, (120-200 lbs, 55-90kg)
    -K2 Marauder (19/20) 156cm, (-)
    -Ride Split Pig (20/21) 154cm, (-)
    They are all sold at the same price as part of a package with skins and binding for ~1400USD (cheaper than other stores in Norway). I’m 1.85m and 73kg (6.1 feet, 160lbs).

    Hope to get some advice!:)


    I think that Burton board is pretty heavy. I’d rather ship a Voile Revelator from the US with VAT than go that route. maybe buy bindings quick, they are hard to find this year (in the US anyway)


    Thanks, I will consider it. Right now I might be able to get a used Prior AMF with Sparks R&D AfterBurner and G3 skins for 800USD. I also figured out that I should buy a slightly larger board around 160+


    I agree strongly on sizing up, but was not going to preach. Sounds like a solid deal there.


    Have you checked on Thirtytwo coupons? well, I personally recommend you to buy Prior AMF, I am also using this, it’s available in different sizes and in varieties, I got my one from there, on there many others are available too, if you wanna buy check once on there, you will find the varieties of a snowboard.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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