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    has anyone made a helmet carry mod for their pack…i have the bd outlaw and it doesn’t have a helmet carry (bummer)…if i keep the pack, i’m gonna try to rig something up with season.

    starting to realize that it’s pretty hard to find a pack with everything…already sold a few on here because i wasn’t happy and may end up selling the bd pack too…

    but, a helmet mod seems pretty like it would be pretty simple – thinking some mesh, some bungy tent cord, and some mini screw gates…thoughts?

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    Last spring I purchased two mesh helmet carrys from BCA

    Try contacting Dane Olso, Customer Service Represenative at BCA and inquire if they will sell you a helmet carry.

    Backcountry Access, Inc.
    2820 Wilderness Place, Unit H
    Boulder, CO 80301 USA
    Phone: 303.417.1345 Fax: 303.417.1625

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    funny – the one relevant post that i found on this topic was your reply and i already emailed bca customer service today…still waiting for a reply. maybe i will just call. do you have a pic of it? how does it work? price?

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    I cannot provide a picture at this time.

    The Helmet carry is very similar to the one used in in BCA Stash Packs see:

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    I am also using the Outlaw, and have found a good way to carry my helmet. I use the chin strap to go through the pack handle on top. Then i use the board straps to cinch down on the front of the helmet. I have the Giro G10 mx with the visor (which i love) and i can slide the strap through base of the visor for a secure carry.
    Hope this helps!

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    I use this helmet carry on my arcteryx pack. Its great and is only $14

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    Deuter Freerider Pro pack has all you need for backcountry trips 😉

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