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    Sounds like the Helix and Zephyrs are both going away and a hybrid deck (the “Zelix”) will replace both. :scratch:

    @Venture Snowboards wrote:

    The Zelix is our new offering for 2013/2014. Combining the versatility of the award winning all mountain Zephyr with the playfulness of the twin tipped Helix, this quiver of one is destined to become your trusty go anywhere, ride anything favorite. A directional twin with an identical nose and tail shape, the Zelix also has 20 mm of stance offset, giving you the best of both worlds: awesome floatation alongside effortless switch riding. This deck is sure to become a new favorite in the Venture lineup. Solid and split versions available.


    They had the Zelix solid available via their “Shape Shack” awhile back. I’d definitely consider it as a split. when i was shopping for my setup I was kind of torn between the Zephyr and the Helix. I ended up with the Zephyr. I know there are others in the same boat as well…

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    163/26 Venture Helix


    That statement doesn’t really make it clear that the zephyr and helix are going away, or if they are just adding the zelix to the lineup. Unless the flex pattern id different, the zelix is just a helix with the stance set back. That’s how I’ve been riding my helix, and the board charges pretty well on everything I’ve ridden it on so far. The only time I thought a more directional board with taper (zephyr) might be more advantageous was in bottomless blower pow without much pitch, and I’m not sure even that would have helped much, and the helix still got the job done. For a twin, cambered board (yes, it is really just slightly cambered with an early rise at each tip) it does remarkably well on steep, firm, edgeable snow (corn, windboard, etc.).


    I saw a pic of the 2013/14 Venture lineup on the SIA press page where manufacturers list their product info and it went Zelix – Storm – Odin – Euphoria. Nothing else. I may be wrong but it seems like the Helix and Zephyr are bye-bye.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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