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    Hey all, I have just bought the sparks burners and whilst attaching them to my jones solution 161 I seem to have alot of heel hang. The voile pucks can’t be moved any further forward so therefor my bindings can’t be moved any further forward. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how did you fix it?

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    adjust the heelcup forward until your toes and heels are spaced evenly over the board. check in tour mode to ensure that the toes dont hit the board early.

    what size bindings and boots?


    Hey walove, cheers for the help, will try this tonight. My boots are US 10.5 and the bindings are large.

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    Check your pucks also… if you mount the inline pucks (heel side puck) on the side marked ‘A’ you move your bindings more toe side, the ‘B’ side will move everything closer to the heel edge, I think its only .25″ but every bit will help. Like mentioned before, check your heel cup, 10.5 is on the small side for the larges so you might be able to move that cup all the way forward. Check out voiles instructions for the pucks here..

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    Don’t forget that you can swap the pucks on the board halves. They offer a lot more heel clearance when one of the two styles (two slots side by side vs in line) is on the heel side. I’m not at home to check my boards for which is where, but the first thing to do would be to swap the pucks from toe to heel edge.

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    two slots on the heel…


    Cheers folks, just experimenting with different solutions now. Never new it was such a faff to sort the set up out. I’ll let you know which outcome works best for me.


    So folks, after hours of gently trying to persuade these little puck(ers) into my desired position, i still have more heel hang than i’d like. The problem i have found is the the puck with the 2 channels is good to move how i want(back and forward) and i have placed this on my heel edge, the other puck with the single channel(toe edge) can only be rotated 180 degrees giving me a very limited distance(only 2 options) to change between the 2. The stopper on the rear of the binding has a very specific distance to the pin to lock them together. The distance between the 2 pucks has severe limitations (or am i being dumb) to how far forward you can move the setup. Any pictures or advice would be gratefully appreciated as im heading to austria this weekend. Cheers folk your help and time.

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    im a size ten boot in a med blaze, i’d move the heelcup all the way forward and see where your at. Pictures can help us help you

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    The board in this pic has the pucks in full-ahead mode.

    Unless your heel edge puck is nearly touching the center cut of the board, you aren’t in full ahead mode.

    I can center out size 13 boots with this config, can’t see that 10’s are an issue. It does take a lot of tinkering though.


    Cheers for that classicauto, i had the pucks in that position you suggested but stupidly thought that they were to close to the centre and decided there must be another way. Anyways, problem solved time to get ready for the silvretta tour next week. Cheers all for your help and happy shredding.


    Ive got the same problem. I think its due to being used to standard snowboard bindings where my toes are not overhanging so much over the edge of the binding.

    I shifted the heel cup on my Spark bindings back to achieve this but then i have too much heel overhang. So I can only guess that I am supposed to have more of my toes handing over the edge of the binding that I would on my standard snowboard bindings?

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    i have 10.5, but i ride mediums and had no problem on my 161 solution, i think you need to play around with your puck more, or ditch them for spark pucks

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